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  1. I know its not physically addictive but how do you know when you've become psychologically addicted? I want an unbiased opinion from people who actually partake in the ganja.Sent from my Nexus S 4G using Grasscity Forum mobile app
  2. You'll have a hard time getting to sleep. You really want to get high when you get stressed out, as well. It's the same addiction level as caffeine, so it's really not that big of a deal. I'll take a little bit of insomnia over getting tremors (alcohol withdrawal) anyday
  3. no such thing as psychological is called a HABIT
    fixed that there skippy...caffeine is an actual addictive drug that you do develop a physical dependency for. pot is not ADDICTIVE, it can be habitual.
  5. [quote name="cball" post="19401993" timestamp="1390622281"]no such thing as psychological is called a HABIT[/quote]That's the word. Habit. Right now I'm dry and I'm refusing to spend my savings on weed. How do I feel ?I get very annoyed from little things I would just let go when I'm highI can't stop thinking about weed. It's annoying. Like by the time I know it I'm already having a convo with myself about weed. I can't stop thinking about it even though it's only been one dayI feel less motivated to do things I usually do when I'm high. Like driving to work in the morning. I always smoke on the way to work. Without it. I feel annoyed. It takes about a week or less for me to stop being this way. Like everyone said its a habit. I just gotta get used to not doing things high like I always do. :( I'm dry. I'm sad. Lol
  6. Seems to be when you cannot go a day or two without it. When you look forward to toking and it takes over your life.Ease on it and give the herb some respect. We can get addicted to anything..M3ssenger
  7. The reason this is a delicate topic is because addiction is to have a dependency on it. Cannabis is physically less addictive than coffee, so the only people who become dependent are those extreme cases who have addiction issues with just about any substance, ie someone who may feel a headache from not having their daily coffee. Coupled with the fact that the withdrawal symptoms are generally on the same or less than the withdrawal effects of something like coffee no one bothers to talk about it, because retarded people with extreme confirmation bias issues assume when you say something is addictive they think of meth heads and crackies.  Yes Cannabis can be physically addictive, but to such a low degree in such an abysmally small amount of the populace that to even mention in legality discussions as a con is pointless.  

    The body survives because it adapted to encourage a better state of being. Your body may recognize that the feeling of being high are better than your normal mood, and your mind can feel that it has abandoned a better state of mind and will feel out of sorts to not embrace something it perceives as better.Fuck im high, this is becoming difficult because this muffin and this song is so amazing.   

    Yeah you can feel down if your used to using a lot and you have not in some time, but its only in your mind. Any physical symptoms would be psychosomatic.  

    I honestly enjoy my sobriety, its a different feeling and I enjoy it. I enjoy being high, prob a little bit more :p but I dont regret not being high. If there was any regrets it would be the same as if I didnt have a chocolate bar and I could have, its something I like and if I want it and dont have it theres a small feeling of disappointment, but not something that would ruin my day.

  8. [quote name="M3ssenger" post="19403269" timestamp="1390640467"]Seems to be when you cannot go a day or two without it. When you look forward to toking and it takes over your life.Ease on it and give the herb some respect. We can get addicted to anything..M3ssenger[/quote] I actually just got caught... check out my post in the thread. But people have been telling me I have a problem cuz I spend all my money on Mary. But tonight I'm thinking about copping a 20 because that's all I've been thinking about since Wednesday.Sent from my Nexus S 4G using Grasscity Forum mobile app
  9. Putting your seatbelt on when you get behind the wheel is a habit.  Feeling the temptation to smoke a bowl even though you have a drug test tomorrow is because of a psychological addiction.
  10. I feel the same way! I haven't smoked in about a week (9 days to be exact) because I'm visiting my parents before my next course starts and my dad is a total bud nazi (ironic because we're actually German) :p Anyways my parents are like super against it and they pay for all my shit at uni so I'm trying to stay on their good side, but weed is literally the only thing that's been on my mind! I feel anxious and am counting the days till I get back to varsity! Still a habit?Sent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum
  11. sometimes it's nice to get out of the haze.
  12. I smoke for a while, then don't for a while - depending on what I feel like doing. I like to run so I can smoke and run or not smoke and run. I like the mental part of smoking when I run. But I prefer the not-smoking swing of the pendulum as far as how my lungs feel when I'm going up a half mile or more, steep-ass hill.
  13. sometimes  :smoking:  but yeah clear headiness is nice
    Probably when your whole world starts to revolve around weed, or you find that you NEED to blaze
  15. I do get agitated when im not blazed, but I can survive without. I enjoy using daily because it helps me slow down my mental processes and im actually able to focus on shitSent from my burner
  16. It's like my symbiote.
    WE. ARE. VENOM!!!! XD
  17. I hate when people say you cant be addicted to the herb. Speak for yourself you don't know me. Im more "addicted" to pot then other unmentionables ive been hooked on in the pastSent from my SCH-I535 using Grasscity Forum mobile app
  18. I'm sure if we all had the means to toke all the time we would. Sent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum
  19. Well OP, how about starting with the definition of addiction:
    Chronic progressive disease characterized by the compulsive use of a given substance.
    Compulsive use is the key here.  If someone consistently buys and uses cannabis at a rate in which it causes financial or interpersonal harm, especially if this is after telling themselves or others that they won't do so at such a rate, then they are likely suffering from what could be considered addiction.
  20. People don't get addicted to Pot...they get addicted to getting high. People who say it's a psychological addiction.......umm, yeah..That is called a HABIT. End of story.

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