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Addicted to the Chronic

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Puff Da Herb, Dec 22, 2010.

  1. #1 Puff Da Herb, Dec 22, 2010
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    I feel like I'm so addicted to weed. Obviously not physically but mentally dependant on it. I get pretty irritant if I don't have a toke for a day or more even though that like never happens. I'm pretty much permafried. I'm just putting this out there, I don't plan to quit at all because I enjoy getting high too much lol. Theres also no point in quitting. It's just seems like a waste of money sometimes and hella habit forming and I'm wondering if anyone else feels like this.
  2. That's what sobriety's dirty lenses are like. They piss you off. Most people just aren't smart enough, or they're 'too good' to pick up the bong.

    Waste of money??? You go down to Starbucks and spend 5 dollars on a coffee and tell me you're wasting money on bud? I think the prices, no matter how ridiculous are worth it; and if you don't like them, grow your own.
  3. if i didnt waste my money on bud i would waste it on other more pointless things, atleast keeps me entertained, happy, and IMO weed is a lot cheaper than some hobbies people have.

    but i feel you on being irritated when your not high because i get like that to so i just make sure i always got weed so i dont get irritated :bongin:
  4. Man, you're from BC too so you are getting good prices (hopefully). Sure being sober sucks compared to being high, but it is always nice to take a break from it every now and then, you will appreciate it way more.
  5. maybe take a T break see what happends?
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    Yea i guess i wouldn't say its a waste of money, its what i spend most of my money on. It would be pretty hard trying a T-break...i still get ripped most of the time so theres really no point.
  7. I quit toking for 6 months, then started back strong recently, and now my dealers gone so ive been dry for like 3 weeks, suckss man
  8. My fiance and I are like a week away from our first harvest since we moved, and money has been sketchy since we are both artists.

    We ALWAYS find money for chronic.

    Since I'm a girl it usually means selling some of my dresses or shoes...

    not your average stoner, but trust me, permastoned is a great way of life.
  9. yea it pwns to be permafried..until the end of the day.
  10. If i dont smoke i freak the fuck out lol.

    Permafried all the time.
  11. You're psychologically addicted because you tell yourself you are.

  12. Yea and thats fine with me.
  13. Hobbies that have been more expensive than my weed habit:

    Video games
    Computer collecting
    Guitar collecting (I still do this though :p)
    Car restoring

    There, you see! There are much more expensive hobbies. As far as psychological addiction, if you're aware enough to know that you become irratible then you are aware enough to modify your behavior sober.

    Happy tokin my friend :smoke:

    edit: I was jk'ing about the hookers, but they are more expensive.
  14. Well if you realize it's your choice to be addicted, yet you still say you're addicted........:smoke:
    Whatever floats your boat
  15. Exactly man have a chill night bro!
  16. Here's my perspective, and I think you have a totally valid point but you really need to evaluate yourself.

    I at one point thought I was addicted too. I thought if I didn't smoke for a day I wouldn't get any sleep, I wouldn't have an appetite, and everyone would piss me off. And I was able to get by with that excuse for the times I didn't smoke that day. But something clicked in my head quite recently actually while I was far beyond the point of no return :smoke:

    I was thinking about those times where I'd be an asshole, you know, the days I didn't medicate. Was it really because I didn't smoke? Or was the fact that I firmly believed the way to be a happy guy was to toke and get high? It's all a mind game, for real bro. I can't stress it enough. In fact, I sincerely enjoy being sober. Those long weekends of baking really make you look forward to the work day and being sober doing it. This is true if you ever psyche yourself out of being "addicted" to pot. I personally dearly love pot and getting lifted, but I also love being sober. It's two totally different worlds, and that's why I waste my money on pot. It's just a boarding pass to an airplane, minus the terrorists :D
  17. Can someone name ONE single thing better you can possibly spend your money on in this society than precious sticky sexy green buds?

  18. Food.
  19. I like to smoke every day. Not all day but a bowl at night, to unwind before bed and sleep extra good just ends my day on a "high" note. Kinda like a cold beer after work, a reward for a days work and what not.

  20. She is food. For the soul. <3

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