Addicted to psilocybin mushrooms?

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by Mindgnome, May 30, 2009.

  1. It is weird, I know that they are in no way shape or form addictive, but even after a pretty bad trip I still want to do them. I almost feel like I am in love with them, it is weird.
  2. your not addicited unless it the ONLY thing u think about all day and everything revolves around shrooms...everything u do must hjave something to do with gettin $ for shrooms or finding it etc...ur not additced...ill just say that
  3. although they are not physically addicting, they are, like almost everything, mentally addicting, or habit forming, the could be habituating, but there use can be stopped... perhaps, even after the bad trip your brain is still attracted to the mindset and high of the shrooms:)
  4. I'm in love with a plant, it is awesome. Yeah good point haha, I still feel like I have been doing them way too much haha.
  5. Yeah, my mind wasn't thinking straight at all there haha. I am definitely just habituating them. I could see myself never touching them again if I needed to, but I dont need to. :smoke:
  6. yea dude i dont think ur addicted, i know people who were addicted to acid, they ate it everyday for like 6+ months, yea it doesnt turn out well... Anyways u just are trying to trip, not really addicted in my books.
  7. acid is just as nonaddictive as mushrooms though....

  8. this is correct...lsd isnt physically addicting
  9. I feel like that too. Right after a trip you fel like you want to go back to that special place, where everything is right with the world and you are guided to make the right decisions by some mystical force beyond your own comprehension. If you don't do them for a while, you forget about how spectacular they are. But when you finally do them again, you are back in that perfect world and you never want to leave. (I've never had a bad trip so i have REALLY positive feelings towards tripping)
  10. I think there's a fine distinction between addiction and love.
  11. Yeah, I have been doing them about every 4 days for about 2 monts now. I don't feel it being enduring on my brain, but 7 grams is the highest I have gone.

  12. Why? (rhetorical question)

    and things are only addicting if after prolonged use you cannot function (brain or body or both) without them.

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