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Discussion in 'General' started by TooFuckingHigh, Nov 12, 2003.

  1. Hey guys, i'm getting about 15 of the little blue adderall pills tomorrow from a friend, 5mgs each i think. How many do you think i would need to crush up and sprinkle on a bowl to get some good effects from it? Thanks!
  2. Man wtf is Adderall? Just stick to smoking the weed and injesting the pills, dont try some crazy shit that will get ya killed (Unless crushing Adderall and adding it to a bowl is a common tihng, i would recommend not doing it heh.)
  3. I've heard lots of people talking about it, theres just different sized pills and i don't know how much to add.
  4. I ahve no clue, maybe you should crush one, add it, take a few hits and see if it does anything......Or just wait a bit for someone with knowledge of this shit to tell ya, better safe then sorry.
  5. yo i got the ADHD what adderoll is perscribed for .. and i dont really think smoking will do nething .. its amphetamine salts and i dont think they vaporize very well.. if u want to get off on them u should just pop liek 30 mgs some people like it some people dont .. i personaly dont but good luck
  6. i dont know man i smoked like a muscle relaxer and started blackin out it was crazy shit one of the highest times ives had and i would prolly do it again
  7. hmm, I'm getting it tomorrow so anybody have personal experience they care to share? thanks
  8. You're not supposed to smoke adderall. you either pop the pills or crush them up and snort em. Some of my friends take adderall. Ones a girl who says that when she pops a few pills she only needs a little bit of weed to get her high....i don't know.

    Dont smoke em, either snort or just eat.
  9. I got some of the 10mg pills from a friend. I usually take 50-70mg when I use it. For me it makes me really focus in class. It also gives me a generally good feeling, and I talk a lot while I'm on the stuff. Kills my appetite though, unless I smoke some pot.....
  10. ahhh ADD the passage to lowgrade coke, hehe, i like aderal, ridalin is also very nice
  11. Why would you smoke adderall? It's something you're supposed to swallow (and some people snort). Every once in a while when I take it, I take 10 mg. It gives me a nice little boost when I'm running out of time and cramming for several exams at once. I guess if you want to have fun with it, try 20 mg and see how that is. Remember, it's a cousin to meth so try not to get yourself addicted to it.
  12. Remember... your not supposed to eat prescription drugs unless they're prescribed too you... :D

    but if you were to use them... don't smoke them... only ingest could look for more detailed reports on
    hope that helps..
  13. lol smokin' pills... At my buddy's mom's place way back there was this one fool who used to smoke dexadrin outta a crackpipe, said it was like meth or somethin.

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