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Adderall XR & Heroin

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by Jamtastic, Nov 14, 2008.

  1. Alright, lets get a few things first:

    Yes I'm a heroin addict, save the self righetous just smoke weed you suck at life nonsense :)

    Anyway, I'm a pretty experience opiate user, I use heroin IV currently. At the moment I have none left, but I have $40 for the time being, and plan on going out shortly and getting a $40 bag.

    I have 5 20mg Adderall XR capsules.

    Now if I don't do the heroin I will get sick, so getting the dope is a must.

    I have alot of school work/other shit to do. So obviously taking the adderall will help with that.

    I've mixed cocaine and heroin at the same time, and speedballed, but I'm wondering about the adderall.

    Do you think that if I mix the adderall and the dope one will overcome the other? I'm afraid if I take the adderall I'm going to end up in withdrawals, then I'm going to have to shoot all the dope to counteract the adderall, and feel better - minus the ampheatmine affects.

    Or I could do the dope, then take the adderall, hoping it won't put me in withdrawals. Only problem then is I won't have anymore money/dope untill tommorow, so I can't even buy a blunt to calm myself down from the speed.

    Just curious if anyone has mixed adderall and opiates, and what the effects seem to be, what counteracts what, and does the adderall induce withdrawal.?

    Any help would be greatly appreaciated, thanks :)
  2. any combination of upper and downer is considered a speedball. any speedball is potentially very dangerous. you're experienced man, I think you can handle that. The question is do you give a fuck?

    You're not the only one, by the way
  3. I've mixed adderal XR and Dexedrine (separately) with opiates on a few occasions. Adderal XR (25mg) combined with 10 mg oxycodone was very pleasant. It resulted in euphoria and a wonderful sense of well-being and relaxation, but i was still focused and driven to complete my assignments and study for tests. I, however, wasn't dependant on opiates at the time, so the angle you're coming from is a bit different.
    I'd say that you'll be alright, as long as you don't over-do it on your dose of smack. Just get your minimal fix, take the adderal, and leave some junk for after you have finished your work/whatever it is that needs to be done. The adderal will make you more lucid while on heroin, but deffinitely try to control your initial dose of H, so as not to render yourself inoperable while the adderal works its magic.

    Good luck with it. I know "heroin" and "self-control" aren't exactly synonymous with eachother...

  4. I know I can handle it, I'm just wondering if you think they will cancel each other out, which if its the adderall I really don't care, but I'm afraid of the opiate being canceled and going into withdrawal.

    But I would assume that the receptors have nothing to do with each other, except one is CNS depressent, and the other is CNS stimulant.

    I would assume even if I don't feel the dope, I shouldn't be in withdrawal because the dope is still in my brain?
  5. no you wont go into withdrawal dude
  6. nah jam you should be good i highly doubt you will go into withdrawl have fun with that shit

  7. Thanks guys, that was what I was looking forward.

    Heres an update incase anyone cares/has this question in the future.

    Around 12, I got a $40 of dope, which was actually huge :) Looked to me like it was closer to 60+. I think he made a mistake and put this big rock in by accident, because I took out the rock and it looked like a 40, and I did just the rock in a shot and was wrecked.

    I pretty much enjoyed the rest of the day jammed, and I was really jammed for some reason, it's been a good day.

    Around 7PM I took 20mg of adderall. They are the XR Capsules with the little orange balls. I took the capsule apart and tried to chew as many of the balls as I could before swallowing.

    A little while later I began to feel the adderall start to kick in and I decided to do my last, small, shot of the dope. Which I must admit felt amazing after I did it.

    I worked on my schoolwork for a few hours before going out with my girlfriend. Her and her friend had blazed all the weed, and I spent the whole night trying to find some. I had told her I had taken adderall and I wanted to smoke to calm down, but nope, she smoked it without me :(. Regardless, I hung out with her, just mackin' her all night, no problems at all :)

    After she left, I called my buddy and I purchased a $20 of dope, since I couldn't find any weed. Came home, and shot it. Feels amazing.

    I was very afraid that for some reason even though I had already done the dope I might go into withdrawals, and was afraid earlier of going into withdrawal and not having enough dope to counteract the adderall, but nope, no problems there. I feel amazing right now :) So happy.

    Gotta do school work for the next few hours, maybe try to sleep, doubt it. Have to leave for school at 7 a.m. for class at 8. But tommorow morning I'll be getting $100 to buy some dope, and hopefully a bunch of weed, and I still have a few addies left. Knowing that mixing the two works great is awesome :)

    Thanks for the help everyone.
  8. Are you getting black tar?

    Be careful too man, the last thing you need is a second addiction. Heroin addiction does your body like shit as it is...dont need an amphetamine addiction to go with it.
  9. heres an idea how about u quit heroin? ever think of that? im not judgein u and im not tryin to tell u how to live but have u thought about quiting? what if for some reason u chould not get any money for 2 weeks what whould u do be sick? sounds like a bad deal but hey do what u want.
  10. ^^you have obviously never suffered from addiction, am i right?

  11. The brain falls in love with heroin, the body of course hates it, but this is what makes the drug so powerful. I personally have never dabbled in H, I don't want to enjoy it to much.

    I have smoked Opium though, very relaxing.

  12. im sure it feels great but who wants to spend there life chasein some brown powder. im sure hes addicited to it but there is no reason not to TRY to quit. but hey man u live life ur way im not tryin to tell u what do it ur life its not mine.
  13. man just shut up im sure jam has thought about quiting and well maybe hes not ready too plus man you sound like every other moron that was never addicted to hard drugs
  14. when you quit heroin there is a HUGE void in your life, man...like it's hella difficult adjusting back to 'normal' life....it's bigger than a physical addiction...leaves you with a "now what do I do?" mindstate...
  15. You have no idea. Read some books or something. Scar Tissue by Anthony Kiedis is a good one, it's about the RHCP lyricist and his many addictions. It'll help you understand that being an addict isnt doing a drug, its a lifestyle. when you quit the drug, you lost your lifestyle and there is a huge void of "What the fuck do i do with all this money and time"? oh ill buy some H since that's what i do, it's my thing. Oh, look im back on the wagon.

  16. Thankfully no, I've never seen black tar, or had it before. I currently get a very light tan powder, or more recently it's back to solid rock. It's very strong, unfortunately :( A $20 of this stuff can send you to the moon, its rediculus, however, since it's so strong it makes for easy addiction/increase in tolerance.

    I def don't need an ampheatamine addiction, but back in high school at the begining of the year I bought a year worth of adderall from my connect and took them almost every day, just 20 or 30mg, and I've never had a problem. I only have a few of them and I don't abuse them and use high doses, just a normal dose, and so far I've found that I have never had any withdrawal symptoms from stopping cold turkey, even after taking 1 or 2 pills a day for almost a year straight.

    There always has to be someone in these type threads that has to bring a negative vibe, even if they hide behind "I'm not telling you what to do but..."

    This thread wasn't about what I plan on doing with heroin and my life, I wanted advice on one situation regarding the mixing of two substances, because I was afraid I would enter withdrawal.

    Yes, I have thought about quitting, and am trying to, believe me I don't want to spend my life chasing any drug, brown powder, or black tar, or whatever. It is costing me a ton of money, and it sucks. Yes, most of the time I do get jammed from the heroin I get, and I enjoy the feeling, but more often than not I have to go out in the morning and get some just to make it through the day, I need it just to feel normal. If I don't have any for a while I'm unable to go to school, I can't go out with my girlfriend, wouldn't be able to work, I can't do anything. If you've never gone through withdrawals from hard drugs then there is no way you can understand, the withdrawals are HORRIBLE. They are so painful both physically and mentally, and it makes living life impossible.

    I told my parents what was going on with my heroin addiction, and I have been weeing myself off of the dope with the assistance of my parents. Imagine that, I'm 19 and I had to go to my parents and explain to them that I'm a drug addict. Theres no need to explain everything, but my parents have been super supportive. They give me $100 every few couple days and I'll buy some dope, and they know that. I used to shoot almost $300 a day, and I've cut it down to almost $30 a day. The problem is the home stretch since if I go to $0 immediately I will have horrible withdrawals, but I'm working on it. I don't like how you came in with an attitude telling me I should quit or think about it. You have no idea what is going on in my life, or anything about me, or how badly I want to not be addicted to heroin. Think before you speak bro, theres no need to be an asshole to me simply because I do heroin and you dont.

    Also, I'm not in the position to run out of money since my parents give me the money for the dope, however, if I were to run out of money I would suffer through hell. Cold sweats, vomiting, direarha, chills, insomnia, mental problems, heart problems, high blood pressure. It is so painful, and I can't afford to take the time out of my life to suffer through the withdrawals. If I could I would've stopped by now, but I can't. I'm not going to lie I enjoy doing heroin, but I wish more than anything that it was simply like weed, and I could do it when I want and that would be the end of it, but it isn't, and I'm trying so hard to get off it, you don't know what you are talking about, and I don't think you should post if you don't have a clue.

    Thank You :)
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    yeah but once you get used to the speedball effect of the adderall and heroin...just shooting the dope won't "BE ENOUGH" anymore, you know? but thats just me...i dont like uppers...i love my dope

    edit: your parents pay for your dope? do they know where the money is going?? if you wanna kick, go to a doctor, tell them straight up what is going on, and get on suboxone. as soon as possible, bro. try to avoid methadone...withdrawal for methadone is MONTHS whereas heroin is weeks...fuck methadone. Get some suboxone, it will do wonders for you if you really want to kick.
  18. I don't get what you mean? I'm not really trying to get a speedball effect, although it feels amazing. I was trying to take the adderall to catch up on a ton of school work, and regardless of if I felt the dope or not I didn't care, just wanted to make sure I wasn't sick. Maybe I misread?

    Regardless I feel ya, I used to do uppers all the time, and now its just like ugh. I've had these adderall pills left over for so long, couldn't bring myself to ever take them.

    Yes, my parents pay for my dope, and yes they do know where the money is going. I think I'm doing a good job of weening down, and think this is the best bet. I used to do suboxone all the time before I ever did dope, and I personally don't think it is going to help. I think weeing down with the heroin instead of the subs is working pretty well. I also don't like the doctors telling me how to go about my kicking the habit, this was my parents and I control it, and its all heroin, none of that nasty naloxone and buphenorphine. Also, if I don't cut down a little bit after a while my parents cut the money a little bit. I was getting $120 every couple days, and they cut it down to $100, and there wasn't any problems, no sickness. I'm currently at $100 a day, but soon it's going to be $90, not much of a drop, but instead of like $33 a day for 3 days or whatever, its $30 a day. Idk, personally I think it's doing the trick. I would recommend to anyone if they think they have the will power to try to ween off the drug they are on, instead of switching to another opiate.
  19. I give you props for all the effort you've put in trying to quit, it really is a bitch, and that you've been doing it fairly quickly I think you'll eventually be able to succeed.

    As far as the Adderall goes I'd imagine you'd be safe doing a little bit in order to get some work done, but I certainly wouldn't make a habit out of it.
  20. Yea, I already did it last night. I'm still feeling the affects of the adderal, almost 24 hours later. Again, I must say it worked and felt great. Although right now I'm kinda feeling shitty. Anyone who's fallen asleep after taking adderall, knows what I'm talking about, that shitty feeling the next day, and my jaw fucking kills because I clentch it shut.

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