adderall vs. Dexedrine

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by GrandaddyPurps, May 27, 2009.

  1. Which do you guys prefer for being spun. Iv only ever tried addys but my doc asked if I wanted to which to dexedrine which I have heard good things about.
  2. I have done em both but im not a big upper fan but i liked the addies more but thats my personal opinion
  3. I've heard better things about Dexedrine. It's a single isomer so you'll get the tweaked feeling stronger but you won't get the soft come up/down that adderall's 'mixed salts' provides.
  4. yea i know adderall is 72% dexedrine so its not as powerful

    im not to worried about the comedown
  5. i've never tried adderall whats it like if u could describe the feeling

    as for dexedrine i loved it was perscribed it at 1 point.............wasn't a good idea lol, but watch how many u do it's a amazing upper (so i think at least) and it has a cut of speed in it so u just don't sleep mind you the slow release is a bit of a pain 2 break up cuz they r little beads so it's a little tricky 2 crush em up but it can b done
  6. I find the d-amp to be much more relaxing and less anxiety-provoking. When on Dexedrine I am able to sit down much more easily. With adderal i find my hands sometimes get shaky and I always feel the need to pace around and keep moving.

  7. thats interesting, how many of the dexedrine did u do?? and how many adderall would u do to cause that with how many mg's??
    because i found when i do the dexedrines i can't sit still like i had 2 sit in a car 1 day for 5 hours and i almost wanted 2 shoot myself cuz i just wanted 2 get out and walk/run around

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