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  1. So anyone give me any opinions on it? I've got a few friends that use it if they gotta cram and finish a bunch of assignments, etc. I know it speeds up ur metabolism (whenever their on it, they dont eat often). Do the pros (productivity) outway the cons (increased heart rate,etc)? Any thoughts appreciated.
  2. you may aswell go buy meth.

    "oh yeh man i been on the prescritpion pills hard"

    "oh shit man are you off your face?"

    adderall is more pointless than sniffing panadol.
  3. If you only take like 2 or 3 of the 20mg ones you should be fine. my friend took 12 on accident and was ok
  4. unless you have plans and no need to sleep that night you probably wont like i comedown pretty hard everytime, pretty much i feel miserable, my thoughts are blank or just generally confused, wont wanna eat, ill find my teeth clenching. you may be an upper person, they just dont really go well with my body or personality i guess. i have used them though, the longest i was up for was 40 hours around new years.. i ate 90mg 3 XR 30mg caps as they were(usually ill just open them and eat the beads)..i say just get some good coke. its more euphoric and you dont have to deal with the XR bullshit where half is released instantly and then like 6 hours later you get the other half.

    if you take them expect to be talkative, restless, feeling that all is well and good, no eating, maybe some irritation, followed by the shitty comedown i described above.
  5. with moderation, its the best, too much at one time, is kinda a waste, a 30 mg is good, but 40-60 is best, anything above that is pretty much wasting, bc why speed so hard when you can save it for the next day (assuming you pop'em in the morning and speed all day, and sleeping at night)

    make sure you got something to do, oh the pros def outweigh the 'cons' there isn't much of a con except sometimes you can have a bad comedown, smoke some herb when that happens..
  6. Ritalin is way better. Prescription blow, but obviously a little less euphoria. Seriously, if you think Adderall is something good (just speed...after all), then go get some Ritalin. Also, Adderall XR will give you lame experiences. You just stay up forever...without euphoria. Sweet. Ritalin will speed you up the same, way more euphoria, and the crash is harder but at least you sleep when you "crash" (on Adderall I get the jitters and cannot sleep).
  7. All who say Adderall is pointless and that Ritalin is better are so full of shit I can smell it from the internet.

    Adderall is the SHIT!

    Although after about 8 hours of feeling like a fucking superstar, you feel like shit for awhile.

    Weed helps with that.

    Don't do it often.
  8. Adderall is just speed. I've done a lot of it, even been convicted of conspiracy to sell a schedule 1 narcotic...But anyways, Ritalin IS way better as a drug. As a treatment of ADD, I can't say, but as a drug, much better.

    Methylphenidate > Amphetamine

  9. Accidentally took 12? And you're supposed to take 2 or 3?

    ...How on earth did this "accident" happen?! :confused:
  10. I believe the kid who took 12 if they were the 10mg pills cause ive taken 4 of the 30mg pills and i was on the top of the universe for the entire day but i wish i had some melatonin to help me sleep after it was all done
  11. 12 20's is 240mg. You'd probably have an overdose from that. Also alot of adderal like anything above 50mg is BAD for your heart. The shit isn't necessarily healthy for you. 30mg will get you FUCKED up if your not on a script. Just take like 10-15 and you'll be fine!
  12. I saw a dude down a bottle of them.

    Not sure how many mg, but we were getting pulled over and he was paranoid I guess.

    He started going crazy at the station and they were macing him, which really didn't do anything...

    That was a shitty night lol
  13. he was selling them back in high school and the dean saw him sell to someone so he took all of them on the way to the office. he puked all over and was sweating like crazy
  14. Adderall is an unsuspectingly a hard drug. The come down can be a huge bitch, and though I havent taken large amounts, its not that euphoric. Its really onyl best used for studying, though it does give you more confidence.
  15. that is why i like my vyvanse. no shitty comedown
  16. ^ive never seen or heard of that stimulant until i read about it on these only down on the adderall XR..the IR tablets are a different story completely. if you chop those up and sniff them you get pretty high and it doesnt keep you up nearly as long.

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