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Discussion in 'General' started by theVirtuoso, Jul 26, 2007.

  1. Alright this is a pretty specific question, so no searching about adderall needed.

    I'm 6'0" about 150 pounds, and have plenty of experience with drugs, lots of pills and have noticed one thing. I was always the "Do the safe lowest dose for the first time" type of person and only really went ALL out on weed. Iv noticed I seem to have a hard time getting effects out of pills, like I have some high tolerance to every pill known to man... I don't get it.

    So here's the thing... I have some reasons why I want to try adderall (speed) and a friend of mine is giving me a crapload of 30mg's for free. My plan is to go all out on this for my first time doing it, so I was wondering what a good HIGH dosage would be?

    I was thinking taking 2 and insufflating 1/2 another pill, or should I go with 3? It seems to me like 2 would be low, because in all honesty... I want to be tweaking pretty hard. Suggestions?
  2. start with biting 3 and chugging with a carbonated beverage, then if in 1.5 hours it's not enough, take one more?

    i've taken 90mg adderal, 25mg ridalin, and 162mg concerta at the same time before, but it was not very fun...
  3. I would try snorting two, maybe two and a half and see how you feel. You'll know within the first 5 minutes if its enough, and it probably will be. It's also a safe dose to start with, provided that you have no allergic reactions or heart problems etc.
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    Ever watch requiem for a dream?
  5. Maybe try 60mgs and then go on from there. But if you say you wanna be tweakin out hard then maybe do another 30. I've only had an 15mg XR and railed that but didn't feel too much so I'm not sure. I think your best bet is railing or parachuting 60mgs and then see how you feel and adjust accordingly. Have fun
  6. I was thinking about parachuting because iv never tried it before... how good is it?
  7. I personally hate adderal. Only thing I would do it for is for a long ass test or an intense day at work. I really see no recreational value in it. All it does is make me not hungry, not able to sleep, and helps me think better. I'd start off with eating 60mg.
  8. Good luck with that.

    Never been a fan of uppers. More of a hallucinogen fan.

    I know a few guys who have tried it, and they said they pretty much concentrated better and couldn't eat or sleep for a while. Nothing special.
  9. First of all, you probably don't want to snort an Adderal. I use to take the shit for awhile when I was in high school. I would pop 2 of them and see how you feel. I think 3 would be too much for the first time.
  10. Adderall sucks, that's all i'm going to say.
  11. I think its better than railin it cause then you dont have to put it through your nose and plus I hate that drip. The Adderall drip was nasty as shit for me. Parachuting will do just the same thing as insufflating it but you swallow it and then of course you won't get the drip and the burn from it (burned like hell for me). It's really up to you, but I'd say give parachutin a try!

    Same here. That goes for Ritalin too. I took a 54mg ritalin and didn't even feel like I was tweakin. I just became an anorexic for the day. However, I agree its great for exams and what not or if you have to stay up late or something, perfect for that.

    Let me know how it goes for you man, peace

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