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  1. So....I have some mild case of ADHD (wtf ever) and I'm probably gonna get an Adderall prescription. I was thinking the other day what life would be like on Adderall AND mary. So I wanted to know if anyone has done. Just curious.
  2. It's awesome

    But uh just curious, ADHD is the hardcore version of ADD, right? How do you have a mild case of the more extreme version and not just moderate ADD?
  3. Thats what the fuckin tester lady said so... she knows more than I do about that kinda shit then I do so I cant really argue.
  4. how do you know you will get adderall? there are alot of adhd meds out there.
    they put me on vyvanse.
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    Adderall is usually only prescribed to those with severe ADHD due to its high potential for addiction and harsh side effects. It's much more stimulating and euphoric than most other ADHD medications and because of this many doctors are hesitant to prescribe it.
  6. yup i got adderal xr but dont use it anymore
  7. Damn,pufnstuf dude chill I dont know much about this shit I personally dont believe in fucking ADD/ADHD and i fucking have it.
  8. His post seemed pretty chill to me, Why do you think you'll get an Adderall prescription though? Have you talked to a doctor about this yet?
    Vyvanse is not as intense or euphoric as Adderall but with Vyvanse the comedown is almost nonexistant compared to that of Adderall due to the amino acid that Vyvanse contains.
    Vyvanse is superior to Adderall in almost every way except the intensity per mg, you'd be better off if you were prescribed Vyvanse instead of Adderall, but Im not your doctor.
  9. You just slept at a Holiday Inn last night
  10. oh, that was not meant with disrespect or anything, just asking a simple question!
  11. Whoa Pufnstuf

    Dial back the anger a little ;)
  12. i know, i am so full of agnst in my old age lol
  13. There you go again flying off the handle
  14. see what happens when i dont take my meds lol
  15. I think I have the same Rx

    I crumble 'em up, apply flame and inhale

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