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Discussion in 'General' started by SkeevyStoner, Dec 21, 2003.

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  1. I had been waiting all last week for Friday night. So come last night I went to my friends house with another friend and we all decided to pop 4 adderall because we had no weed. They had both done it before but it was my first time. I had heard it was good but not much else, so I didn\'t expect anything great. It was some insane stuff. They aren\'t telling the truth however when they say insomnia is a side-effect, it is a DEFINITE-effect.

    I took the 4 adderalls at about 8pm last night and now it\'s saturday at 6:11pm and I haven\'t slept in that entire time. If anyone wants to know about the high, it was a lot like this. My 2 friends and I talked about life and our purpose and just deep subjects in the same seats for 8 hours straight without a break or moving. When I took it, the high was different from weed in that I had a extreme feeling of wanting to learn and I felt that I could understand everything. That was the main factor of the high.

    Another thing that happened because of it was that time passed at an extreme rate. The reason we talked for 8 hours, from 8:30pm-4:30am is because we didn\'t actually know the time. Another way the high is different from weed is that for me, when I am stoned, I am very happy but I can still get mad. On adderall, I just seemed to understand everything and was just straight happy the whole time. It was definitely something I will do again.

    The only negatives about it is that after it had worn off completely, at about noon today, I just felt so bored. I had nothing to do and I couldn\'t think of anything that I would want to do if I could. The only thing I wanted to do was get high again, so as you can see, you can become dependent of it easily.

    Also it may seem that I am sleep deprived, but as of now, I don\'t feel like I need to sleep any extra; instead I feel as if I had slept last night, so that is NOT a negative.

    Anyone else who has experienced this amazing legal amphetamine, please tell how your experience was similar or different, and if you would do it again.
  2. I used to take adderall in 8th grade and like skate ALL night with my friends. I got out of it once i started to reguarly get weed... Just something about pills that I don\'t like...
  3. Oh really you took what\'s basically meth at 8pm and it made you stay up all night? Go figure!
  4. it is great ain\'t it?it made me gittery/jumpy,sped up heart rate,i wanted to learn also,everything was more brighter/understanding,i stayed up and beat socom(i think) in like 4 hours,didn\'t go to bed for two nights,didn\'t even yawn.basiclly it\'s crank in an legal form.

  5. Anyways part of the problem was you probably just took them straight, and though I\'ve taken 4 adderall before, i\'ve always crushed them up/snorted them. Remember, they are time release, so they were still releasing amphetamines into your system over 6 hours after you had you taken them.
  6. only time i\'ve done adderall was in school, jus opened up a 30mg capsule n bumped it all in 1 line, by the end of the day i was jus extremely tired haha. but other than that i had some damn good conversations with people on that shit... i\'d do it again but i got the whole rehab gonna beat my ass if i fail tests thing goin.
  7. yea, when you snort it it makes you real tired later. I used to do the stuff but fuck that, not sleep and not eating is not my idea of a good high
  8. Funny how lots of you are calling it \"legal.\" The use, or abuse rather, that you speak of is ILLEGAL. If it is not prescribed to you, or you take amounts that exceed your doctors recommendation, you are breaking the law.


    ps - You can get a skateboard deck with a ski attached to the bottom. I think it\'s called a snow-ski. I just tried out my roommates for thre first time last week. It\'s a lot of fun and you don\'t have to go through as much like with snowboarding.
  9. Yeah, i\'ve seen those snow ski things. I have a snow-skate by M3. Its essentually a skateboard with no trucks, and HUGE lips on each end, so you can do flip tricks... its hard as hell to ride....
  10. I pop adderall when i have to cram for a test usually. The dependance is extremely high and i don\'t really see any recreational value to it. Sleep depravation is not exactly a \"fun\" time imo.

  11. yea thats like me, its a chick drug, think about it. talking all night, all that shit. its just not a good recreational thing

  12. WTF? you have no clue what you\'re talkin about friend. Adderall is time released D-amphetamine and l-amphetamine.... its speed.. what kind of logic did you use in deciding speed was a \"chick drug\"? and not everyone who takes it has those effects...fuck its some intense shit (when you do it RIGHT)...fuck taking the things whole, czar\'s got it right when he talks about railing a line of the stuff... the whole concept behind ritalin/adderall etc. etc. are that they have reverse effects in minute doses, instead of speedyness it calms the user, helps them concentrate....and for little annoying ADD kids it makes them STFU for a while....if you WANT the speedy effects you need to take a speedy dose.... a 30mg pill is nothing if it spends hours melting away in your stomach...hell a cup of coffee would do more for you...if you want to feel the real effects you need to take the whole 30mgs AT ONCE...crush it up, snort it to the dome...sit back...and tweak.... it gives a euphoric rush that makes you feel on top of the doesn\'t make you forget your troubles like a narcotic/opiate does.. you dont just sit there and put off your allows you to see everything in focus and look at your work get it done and FEEL GREAT DOING IT... anyone who\'s alert and in a good social mood will talk...and if you let them many will talk beyond just being annoying...speed would only enhance that effect in those types of yes..maybe a \"chick\" who normally socializes and tries addies would be in a talkative mood...but that doesn\'t mean ol albert in the corner whos been doing it for years is gonna have the same effects....he mayu be the most antisocial quiet person in the room... just stop judging shit like this unless you honestly have a real perspective on it...and if you\'ve never tried it, then dont even bother trying to pretend like you understand it...this goes for any drug

    EDIT: and btw, god forbid a DUDE ever had the urge to sit and talk with his friends and enjoy a social environment...thats such a fucking CHICK thing to do....
  13. When I first took adderall it was a 60 mg dose. It was fuckin awesome, cause I could actually do work in school. Then a few days later I tried 50 in the morning and another 20 two hours later, and I was high for the rest of the night. I didn\'t get much sleep tho....
    I definitely did a lot of talking to other people the entire day. I know some of them got annoyed at how much I was talking, but I didn\'t care cause I just loved talking about anything.....
  14. I\'ve taken adderall a few times. I just took 10 migs at a time so I could cram. I don\'t think I\'d take it as a recreational drug. The effects are nice, but it works best for it\'s ability to help you concentrate and actually absorb info while studying. If you take one a few hours before an exam and study, then take the exam, it works wonders. An amazing drug it is.

    Anyone ever heard of dexadryl or mebbe dexidryl? I\'m not sure how it\'s spelled. That stuff is for the hopelessly ADD when nothing else works. My suite mate took 2 and damn near ODed on it. He was hallucinating and vomiting all night before his exams. It\'s a good thing he didn\'t snort the 3rd one like he was going to.

  15. you mean dexedrine? its like adderal but it has the good amphetamine, the dextro (D-amphetamine) is the good stuff....benzedrin too...but I dont think they give it out much anymore these days..unless you can convince a doctor your narcoleptic and need it to stay alert...
  16. A chick drug? no. I like to talk with people while on adderall. Really getting into an intellectual discussion with another person is a great thing i think. I was merely talking about the sleep deprevation.
  17. isnt dexedrine in black beauties to? i dont know if it is but i remember reading that somewhere, i was probably trippin at the time neway i dunno, someone clarify.
  18. dexedrine is a brand name for dextro-amphetamine...I think dexedrine is a black beauty
  19. well since iv been on to addies for liek 2 years i mite as well give my two since. im way to lazy to read all the posts but numbbi knows what ehs talkin about...addies are spped, strait amphetamines...this is me and my completely depedent on them self talking, but i generally blow 3 or 4 30\'s to get myself off now..coarse thats just because my bodys seen so much of that orange powder it cant live without it...if you hate to have two you have time release, you can pop 10-15 and its moooooney(if that is you have ten 15, like me, now.ha.) anyway if you dont have that your second option if you dotn want to blow is open time release or crush the pills and \"umbrella\" them/it out onto your tounge, leave it there for 5 minutes and wash it down with water. the folicules on your toung injest the the drug much liek the ones in your knows but wil take a little longer to get to your head and is significantly less intesne depending on the dosage. BUT, I TELL EVERYONE NOT TO TRY IT, EVER, CUZ ONCE YOU DO ITS JUST LIEK ROCKS, YOULL NEVER STOP!
  20. soooo much uppers in the last 24 hours, hahahha. yesterday 5 pm a line of crystal, and smoked a few hits. 8:00 pm smoking fat bowls of good shit between me and my friend (weed). went and got a buncha adderall, gave her a few for the ride and smokeouts and shit and went home. smoked my last bowl of pot which was laced with adderall crushed up when i got home. popped i think 75 mg adderall in a gel cap that isnt time released. at 2 am i drank down 35 grams of nutmeg, mixed with eggnog, sugar, and milk. 9 am pop a 25 mg pill of adderall normal pill capsule.
    now im..... having a GREAT nutmeg trip, oh my god! but im still speedy and shit from the adderall.
    damn i love this shit

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