Adderall? good or not?

Discussion in 'General' started by UglyInfidel, Jan 21, 2004.

  1. Alrighty, well i got one 20mg adderall... and i know the effects of adderall when taken orally. But this time i am going to snort it, cause i hear it works better... well i was wondering what other people think, snorting it or just eating it? I don't really like the feeling when i eat it because i get an uneasy feeling in stomach. Well either way, i'm snorting it because i already crushed it up, but i wanted to get your opinion on it?
  2. If you want then go for it..

    I have snorted them a few times and have done a lot more than medically speaking youll be phyisically safe. The effects set in faster than popping them and i think its more intense.

    I like addies occasionally....It helps me with tests and on days when i need to stop fucking around and get shit done. 20mg should be fine. Just dont snort like 2-3 of them...otherwise youll be bouncing off the walls and shit.

    have fun, peace
  3. Adderall gooooood! :)

    It helped me kick ASS during my physics exam, and I fucking hate physics. I've never snorted the stuff myself, I just pop 'em. A lot easier and a lot less messy.....
  4. i occasionally pop the 10 millis to help with studying at tests. Those things work wonders. Never snorted, though
  5. let me ask a stupid quesstion--what the fuck is adderall?:smoking:
  6. adderall- its the brand name for d-amphetamine and L-amphetamine salts...its speed in small doses

    Taken orally will give you hightened alertness and the likes, but basically if yo want the rush that speed gives you need to take the whole dose at once..this doesn't happen if you only eat 20mgs and let it melt slowly in your stomach over a long get the rush you need to crush up the pill and snort it..ten mils may be enough for a first time buzz..this method sends ALL of the pill (theres a time release mechanism that can be destroyed by crushing the pill) into your sinuses and bloodstream and you get the whole enchilada immediately rather than a few measly mgs every few minutes...

    snort em..but be advised these can have STRONG mental addicitons that follow especially when real physical dependancs other than a VERY fast tolerance buildup..I went from using 10mg ritalins (methylphenidate...weak speed) to snorting dozens of 10 and 20 mil addies in a single sitting just to regain that initial euphria..its like drinking the best damned cup of coffee in your life
  7. except you're so much more concentrated than what caffeine will make you

  8. touchet

  9. exactly why i dont do it nemore
    makes me wanna throw up n i gag when ever i take some
    the high isnt that great either the comedown sucks ass
    snorting it tastes like shit worse than snorting vicodin i think

    just stick to bud stay away from speed n painkillers n shit

    try em but dont do em all teh time just stay in the experimenation stage

  10. Yeah thats the one downside with snorting adderalls, its equivelent to snorting a packet of sweetener...and when you get the drip its all you can taste if you dont have a good method of cleaning up.

    I wouldn't snort vicodin...the acetaminophen will burn the fuck out of your sinuses and hydrocodone doesn't snort well..almost to the point where its useless

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