Adderall fiend will pay top dollar..

Discussion in 'General' started by Romain, May 28, 2006.

  1. So lately iv been hearing some kid around my town, a friend of a friend, is addicted to those Adderall pills they give people with ADHD or whatever. I hear he and his friends will pay top dollar for them; anything from $4-$15 a pill! He has lost so much weight from it, same with another person i know and it makes me feel worse thinking about it more then but im sure when they're gone i wont care. I have a bunch of them (never do it) 30mg capsules that i dont want around. I feel bad though, this kid seems like a crack head and im going to up the price way high cause he's willing to pay. Would you?

    Oh yeah. The profit will prob. buy some dank. But dont let that get in your way of your answer :D
  2. I'd do it. Shiet.

    And i wouldnt sell them cheap to him. If you do hell jus do more more quickly/often because he got them cheaper.
  3. thats a hard one, I wouldnt it sounds like this guy has problems, and if u cutt him off he prob wont find anybody else and realize how stupid he was
  4. It's money vs. morals. Whichever is more important to you is your decision.
  5. I agree that it sounds fucked up to supply a junkie with his fix. But shit.

    In reality we're all junkies for weed, And our money for weed could deff go on other things that could make us more wealthy or succesful but we spend it on weed.

    I serve fiends oh well. I have for years.

    Dont matter if its weed, crack, coke, speed, or jus adderal. I serve feinds. It'sa bussiness IMO.

    Jus like mcdonalds and fast food is runing peoples lives, But they dont think about it that way. They think of it as a striving bussiness looking for success which results in money in they're pockets.

    Ima paid man, Ill never be broke. I have tons of striving bussiness that keep me paid.

    So i would do ti.
  6. think of it this way, you're just helping the man out... otherwise he'd go through withdrawl! and that can't be much fun... :wave:
  7. haha... well the dude is obviously in a place wheres he doing anything to get his buzz... as far as uppers go adderal is probabaly the least harmful... so just get as much cash as you can off the bitch. It's better then him being addicted to crack or some shit.
  8. if he's not your friend i'd say go for it, i mean you said you weren't going to use them might as well make some weed money...i wouldn't personally sell them for more than 5 a pill though i don't rip people off it's not very cool imo, it reflects badly on you...and nobody except a fiend would keep coming back to buy from you after you rip them off. i personally don't even like dealing with fiends they are unpleasant and prone to stealing or doing whatever it takes to get high. you could probably sell them to other people anyways. just go with your gut, it's almost always right... probably not too much of a fiend if adderall is his drug of choice though.
  9. SELL EM! his life, his choice.
  10. Quoted for truth.
  11. if you dont sell them to him hes gonna get them from somewhere, so its not like not selling them to him will stop him. the way i see it somebodys gonna be makin cash off of this kid, why shouldnt it be you
  12. Whoa thats wierd, the dude I bought adderall from was called Romain.
  13. Yeah, me and my brother are on a prescription for it; its such a made up disese, probly only 5% of the people have it. Kids are ment to run around and its just a quick fix for parents who dont want to raise there kids. I took them for a month lost alot of weight and just wasnt normal. Then i was just reading online and came upon something about diet imbalances and found out my "ADD" was just a chemical imbalance cuased by something in wheat : ).

    But back on topic, i was selling those pills like mad before I moved, Were i lived i dont know why becasue its such a shity drug but it was everyones Drug of choise ( go figure) At some point i was just trading pills for E. But sell them to him.
  14. i know someone whos addcited to those shits too this kid does 90mgs a day and i support him.. but i bet if he went to a doctor they'de perscribe them to him if he needed them

    this kid gets so many per month and doesnt take em so he gives em to me to sell to the other kid..haha but they go for like 1$ a pill one 30mg
  15. dude, fuck it, sell em for top dollar! supply and demand!!!
  16. Ask him how much he's willing to pay per pill then do a markup after that. He's clearly very addicted to the meth in them and he'll pay whatever you want for them.

  17. No meth, amphetamines.
  18. Thats just about the best way you can put it. If he wants it and you have it, give it to him, and make a big profit in the process. It's his choice to do it man.

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