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adderall addiction?

Discussion in 'General' started by grass roots, Feb 12, 2004.

  1. My girlfriend is (against my recomendations) taking adderall pretty much everyday, and has been for some weeks now. She doesnt snort them (thankfully) and takes a regular sized "perscription" dosage or like 20mg (or she tells me). Shes NEVER hungry and always says she doesnt need to be eating anyways "because shes fat". Shes like 120 pounds and average height, and i cant convince her otherwise. Well, back to the first subject, is adderally addicting when taken like that? can you become dependant on it? I hope she doesnt have an eating disorder and thats why she takes them... oh well..

    basically, how safe is adderall when taken in dosages like that? I suspect it'd be fine, since it is a perscription drug, right? But.. shes not perscribed for it...

    just today she was talking about getting some zanies tomarrow, and pain killers. She has this friend who is always popping pills, i wish she'd stay away from him, all he does is negatively influence her, and i have a hard time trusting him around my girl since he's wanted her for years, and we were friends until i started dating her... oh well.. *stoned ramble*
  2. Fuck, I just wrote a long, detailed response to this and I lost it. I'll try to duplicate it as much as possible.

    Just because it's a perscription and she's only taking a normal dose doesn't mean she can't get addicted to it. Sniffing it only makes it easier to get addicted, but ingesting it can do the same thing. I can the appeal of the drug, as she won't be hungry and will feel in a good mood all day.

    She needs to stop now.

    The come-down from Adderall sucks, but not unbearably. She may cry some or just feel really "down in the dumps." She probably won't know why, because Adderall is so subtle when ingested that you don't consiously feel it working, you just feel happier. Naturally happier. But it's NOT natural, and that's what you have to remember.

    She needs to stop now. There's a good chance she won't get addicted, but do you really want to take a risk with someone you love?

    Maybe I'm over-reacting here, but I'd rather be safe than sorry. Tell us how it goes.

  3. yes, thats how i feel about it, but shes allready "down in the dumps" and i think she takes that to feel better. Ah, i hate these situations, im going to have to call her and really talk to her about this stuff, i'll do my best...
  4. I wish you the best of luck.
  5. I got into adderal when I was taking it for ADHD 4 years ago I loved it, but then I just realized one day that the adderall high was kinda boring, and I didn't think it was worth getting addicted too, so I just stop taking it, cause it gave me insomnia.
    Now everyone in my high school is getting into adderall, and its pretty stupid, people are paying 3 bucks a pill! Just stupid if you ask me, if your going to indulge in pills, pick an opiate or something like ultram (I took 6 two hours ago, and I feel great)
  6. hah if u have adhd n a perscibtion to adderall id sell it like that! $3 a pill? n theres like 60 in a bottle, plus its adhd its not like its a big deal if its not treated

    but ya adderall come downs suck
    the first time it was great feeling just on top of the world until the come down i did it ahiwle after that, but decieded it wasnt that great a high to end up temprorality an insomniac n have a terrible stomach ache + addiction is gay escpelay if its to something like adderall

    nething with a comedown i wont tocyh so ..get her to stop popping adderall pots all a person needs. put plants in ur body not cehmiacla manufactured ampethemine salts n shit
  7. adderall is an amphetamine that is a cousin to meth. If you read the experience vaults at erowid, you'll see how people became speed freaks for adderalls and totally addicted. I take like 10 mgs every once in a while to help study (and only pay $1 a pill max) and that's nice, but too many people start taking them and then don't feel normal without them. My experience with them is that it feels like you completely sober up and gain all of your mental facilities for use however you want, and that could be an addicting feeling, as well as the fact that you could become physically addicted, too.

  8. I was snorting roughly 40mgs/day for over a year or so... Adderall is the brand name for a pill which has both d-amphetamine and l-amphetamine hydrochloride. concerning addiction, technically NO there is no physical addiction associated with using amphetamines, its a very storng mental addiction. But the simple fact it began taking twice the dosage every other day to maintain a baseline obviousely shows that YES its physically addictive. If shes not snorting them, if shes maintaining the same size dosage (you think its 20mgs?) then quite honestly she should be fine...for now.

    My advice is to help her ween off the stuff..if you approach the situation in a hostile "stop completely or else.." approach shes just going to shut you out....(and believe me, i dont know about her situation, but I sure as hell know this isn't something you just stop using. Tell her you're concern and bargain with her..its your best bet...ask to hold onto her stash of pills...giove her one a day for 3-4 days, cut it to half that, either 10mgs a day or one whole 'orange' every two days...ween her off.

    Back to your main question....honestly she doesn't seem to be abusing them to the extent where its beyond her control any more..but it will get there in good time unless someone intervienes... adderalls are XR (extended release) so when she just pops them, shes not getting the whole 20mgs immediately, she probably gets somewhere along the lines of 1.5-2mgs per every hour for a 12 hour span....if she gets too smart for her own good and starts insufflating them (snorting) then what will happen is the time release mechanism of the pill will be broken down and destroyed when she crushes them up..thus when she snorts 20mgs with this route, she IS getting ALL 20mgs at once, immediately...its speed...

    Now the following is advice that I dont recommend if shes just casually taking one every few days or less...but if it HAS become a seriouse issue and you're honestly concerned for her physical and emotional well being then i suggest the following:

    I hate to recommend things like this, but my advice would be to give it time to develop some.Coming from experience not just with myself but everyone around me whos gotten into it psychologically you WILL become an enemy to her if youre preventing/hindering her pill popping. at the same time i'd hate for you to interviene right at the euphoric height of her pill experiences...with time, and much less time than you'd think, the euphoric feelings will all but dissapear, she'll be burned out and emotionally fucked up (and unfortuntely, physical symptoms, weight loss, flushed dry skin, acne etc. etc. will begin to appear if they havent already). This will be you're best time to make her see what shes become while 'looking in the mirror' per se. On top of that if YOU become the enemy, shes just going to turn to this said friend for support and acceptance, YOU wont tolerate her actions, so she'll lean on him for emotional support. When and only when she realizes for herself whats happened to her life after getting involved with that shit will she be able to quit. (unless shes physically removed from having access to pills...jail, change of address etc.)...basically i dont think your situation is this drastic..but the cold turkey method is absolutely out the window with adderrall...if she does try cold turkey she's going to feel like shit and go right back to've got to taper and understand that no matter what anyone tells her its not going to stick, she has to know you understand she can't just stop.
  9. You know... the hungry thing, she might be using it as a diet pill. It sounds to me like she has anorexic tendencies... which is worse than an adderall addictions, and trust me, I would know.
  10. i have a friend who has the worst adhd ever he goes crazy when he doesnt take his adderrall.... i dunno if hes dependent or not though hes not off it for more than 5 days at a time.....
  11. no....... but if you didnt know him anyone would assume that he was a crack baby......i think its just some heavy ass adhd (he takes 35 mg almost every day)........ he says he likes how he feels off it.....

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