Adderal 30 mg nice

Discussion in 'General' started by Arnack, Oct 10, 2007.

  1. guys I have been on this 30mg adderal (the one with the orange balls, i think its 30) for 2 hours... i like it lots
    its yum and its got some flaver.
    anyways, it took like an hour to start (is that normal??)
    as well, I was wondering what the OD limit is and if i could take 2 of these yummy sugar caps!!1
  2. bump? can you take the pills by snorting them? (should i crush up the orange balls)?
  3. Sigh...

    No reason to snort addys, especially the beads. Addys, IMO (and I remember reading a lot of people on here agreeing) are best taken orally.

    And 60mg is nothing... try 90mg. Your gonna love that, I guarantee it.

    It should say its mg on the capsule, usually on the transparent part.

    Here, ill get some pics for ya.

    Page 2-3 has all the capsules with orange beads.
  4. thankyou. time release just takes a long time (1 hour)
  5. The amphetamine (adderall) doesn't build up that strong in your brain that quick except if you inject, which would be a really stupid thing to do. One hour is normal. But don't go crazy and become a fiend, I do know people who that has happened to. And BTW I recommend 60 to start. I think pushing 90 is doable but I would be a little too much concerned with blood pressure and heart rate.
  6. Thanks guys. ^_^

  7. True. I just remember doin 90 my first time and I'm a pretty small guy, haha... and oh man I absolutely loved it. Bliss!

    But like opt said, don't become a fiend. Stimulants, especially addy's are gonna make you want to take more... DONT! Your best bet is after you take your dose... put w/e is left away and tell yourself you don't have any. And don't forget to eat.
  8. I never take those unless I've got weed to smoke.. Only way I can deal with the ehadaches form chewing so hard, and from coming down.

    But man, take like 60mg of adderrall and then maybe twelve hours later take about 40mg of meth... Fucking jesus. Numbface.


    Have fun.
  9. dont snort the balls! they fuckin hurt! i know from firsthand experience
  10. Probably because the balls in the extended release are just that: extended release balls that must be crushed. :p
  11. 60 feels pretty good trust
  12. so far today as of 8:00 i've had:

    7x 20mg tablets
    1x 30mg XR

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