Added a LITTLE bit of moisture to 16g will it get moldy? Help please

Discussion in 'General' started by Good Kush, Nov 22, 2014.

  1. Hello my name is Chase I am new here but beyond that I earlier today threw in a couple small lemon peels in to my stash. Yesterday I received about 16-17 grams of some good headies and when I got in to them they seemed a little dry but SUPER dense they all most feel like rocks and they were not compacted nor brick weed, Aside though I had smoked some earlier out of my bong and I thought it burned a little quick and keep in mind this bud was not like dry to where it crumbles in your hand it was just not very sticky and when broken it you can tell it's a little dry so what I did is I took just a couple small little lemon peels and threw them in with my stash making sure they were not touching and had space so I can keep my good quality :) I took the peels out about 1 and a half to 2 hours later because I got paranoid about mold I felt around the buds broke a couple and they feel just about the same with just a LITTLE bit less of a crumble so it did add just a small amount of moisture not very much at all it rarely added much at at all if you equal out all the buds but now I am worried since I tried this I might get mold they are in a large ziplock baggy rolled up inside a dark subwoofer. Does anyone think I will have mold problems or can any body help me so I DO NOT! have mold problems?

  2. Get them out of the moisture... Just stick to the lemon/orange peels or a slice of bread. Mold doesn't just magically appear out of nowhere in a day. It takes awhile

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  3. I wouldn't do it, I don't understand why you would. It's going to have the same amount of THC so will get you just as high no matter how dry/wet it is.
  4. Get some Boveda humidity packs. 
  5. What 8ight said.
    If you can't get them, for whatever reason, you can steam the nugs over a kettle or cup of tea just before you smoke them.
  6. Well nobody answered my question my question was since there really is no moisture difference will they get moldy. How should I prevent it>
  7. Your answer was redry that shit quick and smoke it. You don't have mold yet. Don't do that again. Dry bud is fine. The smoke will be smooth and the THC content isnt being affected here.
  8. Okay how long should I leave it open without over drying I had the peels in for probably an hour and a half to two hours
  9. It'll be fine after about an hour.
  10. Alright thanks everyone 
  11. Youre probably fine by now. I see a lot of these posts because.. You know.. People equate dank bud with nice, sticky-to-the-touch texture. But you know.. Bud thats too dry is just gonna burn quick and smooth. Its not a problem though. Good for joints. Its best to deal with what you got then to try and remoisturize bud. Anyway your bud is probably fine and mold free. You're good.
  12. Next time forget about the peels and use raisens or craisens!

    Its the perfect mold free way to add a little flavor/moisture to your bud as long as you regularly burp the jar. One year I cured an 8grm nug of some blueberry in craisens in anticipation for 4/20. It turned out excellent.
  13. Ohh okay well it was a little drier then I would have liked it to be and that is abnormal for me and I only left them in for an hour or 2 and they barely got any moisture from it so I was unsure

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