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  1. So tommrow i got PSSAS and a kid offerd me adaral to help me get though cause i stuggle for long tests.. is 40mg enough to keep me steady and workin? and is 4$ a good deal for 2 20mg ones? and how should i take them? thanks!
  2. i do the smae thing for long tests.. u only need one and it makes the test sorta fun. If u take 2 you might feel a little jittery and shit but nothing bad so its your choice.. 4 bucsk isnt bad but i ususally get them for free considering its like a school-edhancing drug. just swallow them no need to blow them or anything.:smoke:
  3. I personally HATE adderal with a passion. I tried it once but took 3 and stayed up the entire night sweating my ass off and having the worst thoughts. I would think of lyrics in my head to songs that I dont even listen to. No matter what I thought about it would always go back to that. It almost made me insane. But yes, take 1 before the test and you should be fine. It really does help you concentrate.
  4. ya ill be doin it early shounnt phase my sleep that night (around 7am // 730 am)
  5. hey man yea 40 milligrams is a lot for a test, you might start buzzing hard and space out, but then again you might do fine. i say just stick with the 20, cuz thats what i take with my prescription. BTW thats a good deal i sell 20mg for 5 dollars. you take them about twenty minutes before you go to the test to let them kick in. good luck.
  6. thanks man.. ill take 2 so i can trip out after the test =d
  7. oh and btw, i dont know if youve ever done uppers but itll take a few bowls before you feel like eating anytime soon.

  8. grr thnkas .. ive been sick and havent eatin much in past 3 / 4 days ;\ gonna suck if it continuse im starvin but i dont wanna eat? heh
  9. I had a bad experience with that last year, lol.. Me and my buddies went down to richmond VA for the CAA basketball tourny.. I took an adderal around 8-9 am and ate a cinna bun like 5 minutes later.. That's all I had the entire day night in my stomach..that and a whole buncha rum and about a quarter of weed .. i felt like i felll off the fuckin agrocrag, haha..
  10. Well here's what your going to want to do. If it's a solid blue 20 tablet, crush it and snort them. If they are capsles with little beads in them, put the beads from BOTH caspsles in a bag, and crush them up really fine. It helps to roll a lighter over them. Then snort them... It will keep you buzzing for about 2 or 2 1/2 hours.. you will feel way more efficient and quicker. Bring some water, your mouth will get dry. And some gum or somthing to chew, you'll probley grind your teeth.

  11. how do i roll a lighter?
  12. Roll the lighter over the small beads that come in the pill. I did'nt know they made any different kinds of Adderal, I thought they just had the capsules..o well, GL with your test to man..
  13. ya im almost postive there gnna be the capsuiles.. i still dont get it.. roll the lighter ? like light it and hvoer over like your dryin a blunt? and do u do this PRE crushed or after crushed up? ;\ idk how that would help me when im gonna snort it woudlnt it just burn it away?
  14. Don't snort it, if you want to use it for a test pop it like they are meant to be used. If you want to get fucked up, go ahead and snort them. By roll the lighter I dont think he meant light the beads on fire, I think he meant just use the lighter to crush the little beads.

  15. Good advice. Personally I dont like adderall. The only time I did it I took a 5mg (small i know), the whole day I felt stimulated but strung out at the same time, and it made me really pissy.
    But the main reason I dont like it is a good friend of mine got addicted to it, and it changed his personality for the worse.
  16. Me too! My friend is addicted and I cant stand to be around him anymore. We used to be best friends. I only took it two or three times and i feel it, but it does nothing for me. I would rather do a drug I enjoy.

  17. That sucks. Adderall really changed my friends personality, hes more serious and angry on adderall, and what I liked about him was his funny and childish personality.
  18. yeah, todays my first time on it and I am so happy. its a cheap high :) Wish I could be smokin some ganja instead though. this is perfect if your low on cash though :)

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