Add subway to your boycott list.

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    “SUBWAY takes pride in being a healthy and active brand - one that can be a regular part of these world class athletes ' routines.” In removing references to Michael Phelps, Subway corporate is preparing to drop their sponsorship. Subway execs are pissed off, and may be talking to their legal team to have their endorsement money returned.

    FUCK subway. Quiznos is better anyways.

    fucking cunt ass bitches
  2. Dammit, if they drop sponsorship i'll have to boycott them, but i love their subs...

    Oh well, time for personal gain is over, gotta put what is right at hand. I guess i'll be visiting quiznos more often....
  3. shit i go to subway at lunch, this is gonna be hard
  4. Someone should let them know 80% of their employees are stoners.

  5. exactly what i was thinking.... speedo holds on to phelps but the food companies drop him. IDIOTS.
  6. for the better good, we will have to boycott them. And I doubt, unless there is some super funny clause in the contract, they can sue for sponership money back cause of different judgement of character.
  7. I have been meaning to go to Firehouse Subs at least once. Now I have a reason. Too bad, because I have a Subway on campus.
  8. Ya fuck that,Ill take a Firehouse sub anyday compared to there bullshit.

    The local subways are all cheap cunts,The serve half the recommend meat on their subs,same price though.

    I had a subway sub today though,So I can't bitch much,But that is uncalled for.

  9. Haha, +rep.

    And Firehouse Subs are pretty bomb ^dude^.
  10. There was actually a statement somewhere where someone from Subway said they accept Phelps apology.
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    lol matticus post it if you can find it, I'd love to hear that subway would support him.

    i think we can all admit that subs are staple to a stoner diet. no shit phelps accepted a sponsorship from them, free subs for life??? he ought to just get a quiznos sponsorship. quiznos subs is designed by chefs or some shit right (hahahah)? chefs always smoke pot.
  12. I did not visit the link you posted but if I get this right... They are dropping phelps because of his bong rip....
    So whats subway doing wrong they have a company to uphold I think boycotting for that is foolish imo

  13. From

    And yeah, that's a website solely dedicated to the boycott.
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    and this is when someone like BK or wendys comes in and sponsors Phelps and takes all the stoners money

  15. WHEW thank GOD for that I love subway hahahaha :smoking:
  16. Im not going to boycott Subway (the tastiest Sammich) cuz of sponsorship media bs.
  17. Penn Station or Jimmy Johns, y'all!
  18. Subway sucks anyways. Nasty old, dry meat and old unfresh infredients. Quizno's doesn't compare with subway since it mainly toasted subs and subway is mainly cold, but Jersey Mike's beats the shit out of Subway imo.
  19. You just made me want some... boycott failed :(
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    seriously....any stoner needs to go to jimmy johns atleast once....IT SCREAMS "I GOT MUNCHIES".....i think it was orginally made for college stoners by a couple of grads from the University of Illinois. Any midwest campus town has 1, there are like 5 in a 20 mile radius of me.

    They got all these funny ass signs hangin up all over the place....always got music playin, real chill sandwich shop. oh ya and smells are free ;)

    And personally one of my goals in life is too open up my own JJ franchise, along with other various non food related business, like a car wash for example. Ballin.


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