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ADD, severe back pains, anxiety, and mild depression

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by danny danko, May 22, 2010.

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    hello everyone, i dont plan on moving to a state just to smoke weed. but its nice to know which ones since im looking for somewhere in the western half of the u.s and almost every state in the west approves it :smoking:. so down to the real question. i have lived my whole life with a.d.d. i was diagnosed with it when i was 7. i am now 19 and have it more than ever. it effects my schooling and my relationship with others around me. i have taken them all, Ritalin, adderall, you name it. all they do is make me a zombie and i Still dont focus!! i seriously effects my whole life in a very negative way. in high school my first 3 years i was taking pills and every year i got a 2.0 gpa or lower. then i toked up before school and at lunch every day my senior year and i got a 3.0, also i have anxiety which i feel is linked somehow to my a.d.d medication. but when i was younger my parents never brought me to the doctor for it and said that i am fine. which i wasn't. because of jobs and such i was no longer able to smoke weed and had to return to my zombie-like state. also, because of my old construction job my back has severe pain randomly but often. i had my girlfriend walk on my back to try to get any knots or tension out, wore a back brace, took tylenol, advil, everything in the book. i refuse to take real pain killers or such because of what my a.d.d pill does to me, and if i go to the doctor here in az all he/she will do i prescribe me heavy medication, (which is expensive)... and without the pills and even with i find myself in depressed states from time to time. all you others with a.d.d know what im talking about, so my question is.. what state(s) would take someone with debilitating a.d.d, backpains, and issues of anxiety. and here in az everyone hates marijuana. just one-sided republicans only passing things that will benefit them.
    thanks for your time and consideration
  2. someone help me find a place to call home

    ^^^^This is from the stickies. I have adhd, not very badly, but bad enough, so I sympathize. I am also in alot of pain. I am hoping to get better on weed. I have not smoked since I do not yet have a card. I do not have the balls to smoke it illegally. Although I smoked in high school for 3 years. You will definitely be able to get the card with chronic pain. But most state laws say if you get drug tested at work they offer you no protection from being fired. I think that California offers you protection from being fired though. I am pretty sure.

    Good luck,

  4. Calif. would easily grant you a MedMj recommendation with your medical history.

    Companys here still have the right to fire you for MJ use though, They use Federal law:(
  5. California, most definitely! :hello: Let me walk you through how easy it is (if you have an actual medical condition).

    You will need your medical records showing ANYTHING that you have gotten a prescription for (barring hormones and antibiotics). With your medical history, you will have NO PROBLEMS! Just ask your doctor for them.

    You will need proof of residency and ID- the usual is a California driver's license.

    You will need an appointment with a cannabis specialist/pot doc. NORML has a list of reputable doctors who recommend cannabis. There are cheaper clinics, but with them you take your chances. Doctors who give out recommendations sloppily, or have other legal problems, may go out of business, leaving you without verification to use at dispensaries. :(Or they may not be there for you in court.:mad: Insurance does not cover MMJ in anyway. The services that offer to get your cannabis paid for by your insurance are a hair away from out-right fraud from what I hear.

    At the doctor's office will very much like a "normal" visit. Paperwork, height & weight, then a nice chat with the doc whotalks with you about your condition, the laws, vaporizers, that you can grow, etc. He leaves, you go out and pay the receptionist. She will hand you your rec. You are legal! It's that easy! :D

    Growing is a confused subject right now. The courts threw out the old "6 mature, or 12 immature plant + 8 ounces" rule as unconstitutional. So ask your doctor to put on the rec HOW MANY PLANTS/OZ.s YOU CAN HAVE! He has the final say on your limits! If he says you need 50 plants, you are legal for 50 plants! Just get it in writing! Under CLFs, I grow enough for my hubby and myself for about $20 a month. Dispensaries are way expensive in comparason! :eek:

    The cards- there are 2 types, the county card, and the dispensary cards.

    County cards are optional! You do not have to have one, but if you are a "cop magnet" they are worth the expense. Their cost is not covered by insurance, but they insure that the cops will let you go, with your cannabis, providing there are no other serious problems.

    Dispensary cards are quite different. They have no legal weight, they are merely to ID you to the club as a legit customer. To get one of these, you go to the dispensary, present your ORIGINAL recommendation and picture ID. Do this during your doctor's business hours- they will call him to verify that you are his patient. Once they get the OK, they give you a card- and usually a freebee like a joint or edible. You are now free to buy!

    OK, that about covers the "how to" for California. Our big cities are expensive, and the rural areas vary widely on their "friendiness".

    Granny :wave:
  6. thanks for the help everyone
  7. ADHD or ADD doesn't exist. It's just your personality.
  8. That's Bullshit until you live with it you won't understand. You just can't.
  9. yeah man who the hell are you saying it doesnt exist? you have no idea us people with add and adhd go through, it is a legitimate medical condition
  10. #10 Weslie Pipes, May 25, 2010
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    Anyone that says that ADD doesn't exist is simply misinformed. I'm tired of repeatedly documenting and providing obvious, scientific evidence for this condition though, so I'm just going to show as much common sense as I possibly can and hope that it sticks. A thought experiment will be useful, then:

    1) Any objectively negative and detrimental effect brought upon by a physiological response or defect that negatively impacts the quality of life of an individual is a disease. Example: allergies are a disease because they provoke an uncomfortable and unbearable physiological response, such as sneezing or wheezing or coughing.

    2) If someone experiences symptoms which negatively impact their lives, the source is physiological (as in, the symptoms arise within their bodies on an observable level), and a substance has the ability to alleviate these symptoms consistently and effectively, then this substance is medicinal in nature.

    3) If such a substance is administered appropriately to one who suffers from this observable, detrimental condition and the condition alleviates as a direct result, then this substance caused the condition to be alleviated, and medicine itself shows that there is a disease.

    Since adderall corrects a condition documented as that which exhibits symptoms indicative of an established set of symptoms, and ADD and ADHD are conditions which cause symptoms that are effectively alleviated by the administration of adderall, then ADD and ADHD, the established names of these conditions, are therefore diseases, afflictions, ailments, disorders, or whatever you want to call them. They're very real, and to deny that is ignorant of common sense and reason.

    Think about it. Even if ADD is just "a way of thinking" and all anyone with "ADD" really has to do is stop being restless and spacy, as long as these symptoms can be corrected by the administration of adderall or another approved medication, then that drug remains a legitimate method of correcting or alleviating the condition. That's the same reasoning behind the fact that many different medicines can alleviate the same symptoms: just because there's one way to correct a problem doesn't mean that there's ONLY one.

    Want more proof? Ever hear about how people with ADD that take adderall become calm and effective while those who do not have ADD and take adderall speed around like crackheads? That's because there's a fundamental difference between the BRAINS (PHYSIOLOGY) of these two examples, which means that adderall affects someone with ADD in a different, obviously beneficial way, WHICH MEANS THAT THEY ARE CLEARLY DIFFERENT THAN THE "NORMAL" CASE, WHICH MEANS THAT THERE IS A CAUSE FOR THE DIFFERENCE, ROOTED IN THE AREA IN WHICH ADDERALL TAKES AFFECT (THE BRAIN), THAT BECOMES NORMALIZED, ALLEVIATED, CORRECTED, WHAT-HAVE-YOU BY THE PRESENCE OF THE DRUG.

    If the shoe fits, wear it. And while you're at it, don't let anyone else tell you that that shoe doesn't fit when you KNOW it does, and they could never know unless they could wear it, too.

    tl;dr: ADD is real, so stop telling me that I'm "just being lazy" when I have a proven medical condition and you're just completely ignorant.

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