Add my journal to signature?

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  1. Hey can someone help me figure out how to add my journal to my signature.
    thx in advance.

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  2. Top right of the page, just to the right of the PM icon is a drop down arrow.
    Chose that, then signature.
    Paste the link in the signature block and save your changes.
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  3. So....can anyone sew my journal linked in my signature because I just did it and saved changes but I can't see it under my posts????

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  4. I don't see it. Can you see mine?

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  5. nope...

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  6. You can't see website sigs from the app or the mobile website...

    I see your sig just fine on the full site...:)
  7. I have been trying to post a photo on my signature from an http link of an uploaded file of mine but after adding the http link the the image option on the signature, the photo just comes out with a red X on the signature preview. Any know-how on this? Thanks.
  8. Or..., can anyone see the photo in my signature? Thanks
  9. i may have figured it out.. Thanks
  10. Are there any current plans to change it so the signature is visible when using a mobile browser or app in the future? It seems pointless having a signature if hardly anyone gets to see it
  11. @Lizard King ....?
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  12. I doubt that will happen in short time and that is a bit of a usability issue.

    Phones already offer limited space on displaying content and if you add signatures on top of that displayed post , each page will be too long to browse with using your finger scroll only
  13. ok , thanks for letting me know
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