add more light in 12/12

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    i got a 10 by 6 table top and 2 1000 hps been 1 week 12/12.what would be the best time to add another 1000wt or do u think i dont need another light???ty
  2. Just add it now if you have the ventilation to support it without raising temps out of range, 3000w / 60sq ft = 50 wpsf..

    But you probably only need the 2000w.
  3. I'd add a third light but make it a 600w. My tables are 8x4 and I have two lights to a table and it covers them perfectly. I'd place the 600 in the middle.
  4. If you are going to add more light there is no benefit to waiting and every benefit to doing it asap.
  5. thanks guy i was just thinking about the hydro last month on my bill it had around 5000kw.h is that alot? all most $400

  6. Personally, that would make me nervous as hell.

    Even with a 52" inch tv, a/c running 24/7, ~6 computers on 24/7 my bill was about $350 in the dead middle of summer.
  7. USA household average is about 750 kilowatt hours per month. But the comparison you should be concerned with is to your neighborhood average, which we obviously don't know.

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