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Discussion in 'General Forum Feedback' started by Taylored, Mar 10, 2012.

  1. Anyone else think would be a good place to ask any questions you have about making money, business law, etc. ??
  2. Agree do it grasscity
  3. sounds like a good place to listen to lots of arm chair lawyers, and get an audit.

    just my .02
  4. When we add forums it's generally because there are a lot of conversations already that warrant it. MOST of the questions regarding business here usually fall under dealing and aren't allowed. OR they're about how to open up a MMJ dispensary or how to grow for MMJ Dispensaries, both of which aren't allowed either.

    I'm not seeing a whole lot of threads about investing on Wall-Street or the price of gold I'm doubting a whole forum for business discussions would get enough actually bona-fide allowed threads.

    That said, there is a change coming to the forums soon, so you never know
  5. *perks ears, though doubtful any info is forthcoming* :smoke:
  6. Yea that would be pretty cool.

    I mean, the reason why (at least for me) I haven't talked about it is because I didn't think there would be an audience here for that type of thing.

    But hey, if this site is about furthering the weed movement, we gotta show outsiders that we have a brain. We gotta show that that we're the people who invest your money, who do your taxes, who give you legal advice, who fucking run shit!

    Yea there should definitely be a business section :cool:
  7. I'm gonna have to go with Wild Will on this one, the only business related discussions I've seen so far is dealing and starting up a MJ dispencary, there's both not aloud. It would need some mad moderation..

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