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add and adhd + weed

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by mhs2011, May 31, 2009.

  1. my brothers girlfriend gets really mad at her mom over stupid stuff sometimes and makes a big deal about everything. and my bro and i smoked with her recently after a big fight with her mom. she was completely relaxd and realized how stupid she was being. i just thought it was pretty cool as her medicine obviously doesnt work as well for her as weed does.
  2. Yeah...Well in most cases doctors just toss pills at whatever moves. Those medications that she probably takes might slow down her reaction volume, or speed, but your brain still processes the same way with or without the meds. while high you can slow down, relax, and really tune in to your brain and become more self involved.
  3. that's how i am with my adhd! (luckily no fights with the mom in a long time :D ! ) thank god for daaa herb, no stupid depressing side effects
  4. That effect is not that uncommon.

    Cannabis as a medical treatment for attention deficit disorder
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    Marijuana and ADD Therapeutic uses of Medical Marijuana in the treatment of ADD
    Therapeutic uses of Medical Marijuana in the treatment of Attention Deficit Disorder

    I've seen it be very effective.

    Granny :wave:
  5. I have both add + adhd and before herb I had a hard time keeping control of myself and staying focused. I used to always get mad over the stupidest things. I've been prescribed Ritalin and Adderall which just turns me into a fucking zombie. But after I started smoking herb I've been able to just be chill and even focus a lot more. :smoke: great medicine ain't it.
  6. I have a friend that is opposite, he agrues over anything his mom tells him. Its really annoying

  7. same thing here man weed is just like amazing for adhd:smoke:
  8. yeah i have adhd and i can say that ive calmed down a lot since ive started smoking, i also noticed that everything doesnt have to be so perfect, like before id get pissed if my friends were laying on my bed messing it up or somthing but now its just like whatever

    sorry im blitzed out of my skull right now
  9. I had pretty severe A.D.D. when I was in elementary school and after starting smoking when I was about 15 I have almost no A.D.D. symptoms anymore. Even when I stop smoking for awhile my symptoms don't come back. I think what cannabis has done for me is allow me to slow down my thoughts and take a second look at how I'm acting and correct it if it is not suitable. On some occasions smoking cannabis has even caused me to concentrate better or understand something faster (although this is not all the time). So, coming from someone with A.D.D. (it is pretty prevalent in my mother's side of the family) I can say it definitely can help and is atleast worth testing the effects of different strains. In elementary school I was prescribed adderall which I hated. It makes me really angry that doctors can prescribe something like adderall to a ~10 year old child but cannabis is illegal for adults.
  10. thats exactly right, it allows you to think before you act per se
  11. Its completely helped my ADD in so many ways. Especially concentrating in school and just staying calmer (used to be really hyper).

    Of course when I told my mom this the other day she said I have a drug problem and threatened to call 911 because I "need" drugs in order to do well in school (I dont see why it matters if it helps me?). She says this while shes popping pills from the medicine cabnet, bitch is a hypocrite.
  12. she's just uneducated about mmj, show her some of the articles that show scientific proof of mmj's effects on subjects suffering from add/adhd, hopefully it will make her think about it
  13. Ive tried to but it doesnt matter, shes so ignorant on the subject. She said anyone who smokes pot on a regular basis is going to have serious problems no matter what.

    Me and my friend are about to get an apartment so its cool, I can deal with it for the next week.
  14. I have adhd and recently could not deal with it anymore...started taking Vyvanse (adderall) and i lost 30lbs, and couldnt sleep...i mean, hell the stuff is Speed basically...anyway it helps you focus like none other and it really helped me but i could not deal with the side effects...also makes you kinda explode on people sometimes for no good reason at all and im not like that at all...also makes my thought patterns so fuked find myself completley forgetting what i was talking about bc my brain would get wayyy ahead of my speech and id lose all train of thought...VERY bad thing in business...

    then i realized that smoking weed in the AM before work was helping me focus so well till about 1pm...i stopped the meds and stuck with weed...even with the meds, weed helped me eat and sleep on break from weed for a few weeks and im goin crazy...clinching my jaw and shaking my legs non stop...i have no meds left so im high strung to say the least...

    weed 100% helps ADD/ADHD theres no doubt in my mind...and its WAY safer than prescription speed!

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