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Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by arewdss, Sep 28, 2010.

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  1. #1 arewdss, Sep 28, 2010
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    How does marijuana effect people with ADD/ADHD? Is it an effective treatment?
  2. i dont know about studies. but i have adhd and i used to take ritalin and other pills for it but as soon as i started smoking weed i quit taking those pills beacuse the weed mellowed me out quite a bit. i'd way rather be smoking a naturally occuring plant than popping pills manufactured by pharmaceutical companies to help with it. i don't believe in any pills for anything really. i wont even take advil if i have a head ache:smoke::smoke:
  3. It's why my 19yr old Son has his script:smoke:
  4. Yeah it really does.. My friend use to take those same pills and he stopped taking them right when he started smoking..
    His mom didnt like him to smoke but she cant stop him now ;) :smoking:

  5. I'm 19 and have my script for adhd too :D
  6. Shit! I need to move to a med state! Im 19 with ADHD lol. I dont take anything for it though. I would love to get bud for it haha ;)

    Also just realized Cowboy id old enough to be my dad lol. I would not have guessed that at all. I thought youd be like 25 Cowboy hahaha.

  7. Old enough to be ya'lls GRAMPA:eek:

    Still livin', Sex,Drugs(MJ), and Rock-n-Roll, Frontman in an active band:cool::smoke:
  8. Hell yeah man. When I get older Im still gonna act like a kid haha. Thats bad ass your in a band though :cool: Seems like your living life the way it was ment to be lived.
  9. I'm 21 and really started to notice my add and its defiantly helps instead of my brain going around a million times a minute i smoke and its normal and i just feel sane after. Sativa's are they way too go and pretty soon i'm going to the doc too see if i can get in the mmar program or some dispensaries in Canada will give it too you as long as you have proof of diagnosis.

    Marijuana does the exact opposite of the amphetamines they give you,i was never hungry, couldn't ,sleep and i lost weight etc bad.
  10. The EXACT reason why I dont tell my doctor about it.
  11. Why wouldn't you tell your doctor?
  12. Cause I dont wanna be put on pills like that. Plus I havent seen my doctor in like 3 years. I also dont have health insurance.:( America:(
  13. Well just tell him you don't want any of that crap,there is something else i think
  14. Yeah I should. I have no idea when the next time Ill go though. Im trying to get a full time job so Im hoping that will help.
  15. There are dozens of topics on this subject, please use one of those and do a search for duplicate topics before you start a new one next time.

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