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Discussion in 'General' started by JTMarlinRip2, Jan 22, 2003.

  1. I was wondering how one goes about getting tested for ADD or ADHD. I think I really do have it after reading over the symptons and after trying Adderall which myolder brother is prescribed, and it actually helps a lot. Do you just go to any doctor or must you visit a specialist?
  2. What are ya doing trying to get on those silly drugs? They're evil and deadly and just being used by the government to control people!
  3. I think you can just go to the doctor..
  4. Im not exactly sure what kind of doctor tests you, but i know it can get pretty expensive. up 500$.
  5. god damn i remember when i got tested for ADD, it sucks ass. i had to stare at this grey screen and press space bar everytime a letter came up UNLESS it was an X. it went on for like 15 minutes...soooooo ruff. and the doctor guy comes over to talk to you during the last 5 minutes to try to distract you. god damn that pissed me off, all i could think of was "go away old bastard, im trying to fucking concentrate!!!!" lol, i wonder what woulda happend if i had said it. hahahah.. oh by the way, i tested positive.
  6. i have adhd and when i take my medicine, concerta(a time released ritalin if u will) it really helps. the test did suck but i got tested when i was 7 and i tested positive. the drugs are not being used to conrol people but help them accomplish certain tasks such as homework or studying for a test without being distracted. it also controls the irrational behavior i have sometimes.
  7. Ritalin is speed, dude. Lotsa people take it to get 'high', and people who use it for many years can die of heart faliure that goes undetected until it's too late. I'd never use it myself, ADD/HD or not. I'd just cope with everything myself. And I'd never reccomend it for anyone, especially small children.
  8. The decision to take meds for ADD can't be an easy one.

    I've never even heard of such a test. (Must be I was distracted the day they talked about it at school)

    But being able to be happier in life with these drugs is an acceptable trade off for people who can't function happily because of the "disorder". (That word sounds so bad)

    And it's not like all people who take it are going to die from it.

    It's a personal choice.... too bad for the kiddos though who are to young to make the decision for themselves.

    Hopefully their parents are intelligent about the choice to use drugs on their kids for their behavior.
  9. I don't want to take Ritalin, too old and too many side effects. I've tried Adderall many times and I think amphetamines really do help me get my stuff done, I normally just find things to do besides my homework (sit on the couch and change the channels even when I'm not high). When I'm on it I actually can do my work, pay attention in class and write fantastic notes. And as what budburner said, I'll take a damn prescription if a little orange pill will help me do things that are important in life ie: school work not just chillin. I've read good things about desoxyn, which is prescription meth, but I don't think I'll try that... I'm almost 18 and a senior going to college, so I think I can determine what "ails" me, unlike all these 3rd graders they're prescribing. BTW: Yeah Adderalls give you a really nice buzz, but some of the side effects aren't that great, like staying up all night and having no appetite.
  10. He made me do the gifted test which i scored in the 99th percentile on, then made me write shit and the worst experiance ever!!!!!= i had to stare at a black computer screen with a red outlined box and click the mouse every time i saw or heard the number one,, and not click when i saw or heard the number 2, this went on for 25 minutes and i had to do it twwice, i failed misserably and am confirmed add

  11. shut up unless u have add u dont know what it feels like to be in complete frustration 100% of the time
  12. i take ritalin and when they tested me they just gave me some written tests to take that analyzed my ability to concentrate for different periods of time. And yes ADD can be extremely hard to deal with at times.
  13. fuck those control drugs. They tried to put me on that shit in highschool..
  14. when i was like 13 my mom told the doctor and then they got a speacalist and i had to read a couple paragraphs n thn he took them away and i had to tell him what they were about and i knew like 2 things so i got some pills dont remember what were called but they helpd concentrate
  15. Edit: old ass post, nevermind
  16. You know it actually works right? When i was diagnosed it was found i had it really extreme and they put me on Adderall which i love and usually just take what i'm subscribed in less someone else gave me some or i'm not in college and can use it to help my writing instead of a smaller dosage that will help me get the studying in and stuff. It really helps a lot and i've found it not to effect me as much as person who doesn't have ADD since there already at normal concentration level.

    I can't really talk though after just ODing but if you take what your doctor/therapist gives you then it works a charm i didn't fail one test or exam after being diagnosed and prescribed

    I got diagnosed when i went to a therapist for the first time because of free health care with my new job that covered it so i figured why not :) she diagnosed me the first day she pretty much gave me a bunch of tests i was told to answer truthfully and i failed 21 out of the 25 ADD questions so they diagnosed me.Went to pharmacist the same day and started taking them the next day (you can take them the first day too but you'll have trouble sleeping)

    Sorry with the clunkiness steadily getting tireder as i go.

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