Add 1000w or buy XXXL Magnums

Discussion in 'Lighting' started by sinistral, Mar 22, 2012.

  1. hello all, I was curious what you guys think would make more sense. Right now I am running 2 1000 watt radiant 8 inch hoods with 1000 watt bulbs. I am considering buying either an additional radiant 8" hood with an additional 1000 watt bulb, or buying 2 xxxl magnum 8 inch air cooled hoods. My grow space is about 10x5. Thanks. I would buy 3 magnums but don't have the space.
  2. Assuming you are talking about HPS, I never liked the 1kw light, poor coverage and too much heat I'd rather consider 2 x 600w HPS to 1kw HPS, for better light dispersion

  3. Thought you were talking about really big condoms when i saw the title:eek:

    But what V said, you have better light dispersion as well as less heat (due to heat being dispersed across a bigger area), so that would be my preferred option as well.

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