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  1. Hiya. I have a glass bong with a stem that has an o-ring so I know it's not GonG. Is there some sort of adapter I could buy for it?
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    you can buy ash catchers for them if thats what you're after but most are 9mm size, 12mm ones are super hard to find (mine was 12mm and it was hard for me at least). you can also buy glass on glass downstems that still require a rubber grommet to fit into the base of the bong. either work great

  3. No adapter but there is no reason you can just use a gong diffusor and slide it down the grommet, instead of your current downstem piece. You need to make sure the length is correct, and you will have to see whether your grommet accepts a 14mm or 18mm difusor better. How big is the hole in the grommet? These are things only you can make sure of because they pertain to your particular piece. You will need a bowl also.

    I had a piece like that for many years before i bought my first real gong piece. Soooo much easier to empty the bowl, a very functional addition to any grommeted piece, imo.
  4. Well i don't know about my downstem, but my stem is 9.5mm. I've found an ash catcher for it that I want to get, but would the bowl on that be GonG? That's why I'm asking about adapters. I'm looking into buying a really cool bowl and most that I've found are all GonG. So I guess a better question is, if my ash catcher isn't for a GonG bong, how, if I am able to through any means necessary use a GonG bowl?

  5. So the current stem is 9.5mm long or wide? You didnt specify and you need both measurements.
  6. if you want GonG, clean the bong super well and take it into your local headshop and ask them to toss in a GonG downstem into it. we broke the non GonG downstem on my friends bong and got it re-done as GonG last year. One of the guys above mentioned getting a diffused downstem and that is because he knows what up. go to your headshop and they will probably be able to hook you up with a wicked diffused GonG downstem installed for like $15 tops

  7. The diameter is 9.5mm the length is just over 3 inches.

    Soooo. I can pay to get it converted to GonG? Had no idea. That might be easier. And would enable me to find cooler accessories huh?
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    I just got one like that for my 12" zong, It fits a huge ass bowl for a small zong.
  9. take carbon out

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