Discussion in 'General' started by Hobbes, Mar 9, 2004.

  1. I'm worried about adam.. hes had more than 3 posts in the last little while about being super depressed maby we should try to get him to seek medical help.. this cant be all that good for him to be in this state of mind.. it could be dangerous
  2. hey, thanks for caring man.

    but everything is starting to pick up, much faster than i figured. ive put any painkillers or persrciption drugs away, dont need that shit screwing with me. i think its all gonna be alright. just me and my weed. i tend to live on a day to day basis, so as down as ive been yesterday or before, i can usually forget about it and start anew. aslong as nothing else hits me down in the next couple days, i think ill be up and running like normal in a week or so...

    but again, i really appreciate it man. thank you.
  3. i got some more to add...

    for one, weed seems to really help me, and just being around my friends, but im still a wreck. yesterday my friend jackie came over and she smoked me some weed. after she left, the second i heard the door close, i just started bawling my eyes out. it didnt end for about an hour. i cant remember crying so much in my life...

    and well, i just sort of clued in on something... im no doctor, but do you think the fact that i almost never sleep for more than 5 hours in a night, and wake up every day at 730 and drink a pot of coffee is what causes me to crash so hard every night??

    i just need a chance to reboot, start fresh. get a new schedule.

    atleast i got you guys here... this is all i need for now.

    (and oh yea, i havent eaten before 3 oclock in oh... 7 months??)
  4. i'm no doctor either, but i think its worth a try to get more sleep and drink less coffee jus to see if that might be causing somethin... and if not, then hey, try another variable like get more sleep and still drink coffee, who knows, i sure as hell dont.
  5. hahah, yea i hear ya man.

    im gonna do something. shit doesnt change on its own, you need to take some initiative and get the shit done in your life that needs to be done.

    noone is going to fix this for me. i am the master of my own destiny, i think its time to take some responsibility.
  6. brotha jsut chiiiiiiilll l l l l.... its all gonna be ok :D

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