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  1. Does anybody think Adam can dig himself out of this clogged up drainage pipe that he got himself into with his so called "movies"?
    I absolutely loved him in his SNL days, and one of my favorite movies from him was The Waterboy, but lately all his movies just sucked the big D, like jack and jill? Seriously? And that one with jennifer anniston was okay, i would give it a 3.987/10, three of the points going to the fact that Jennifer was in it.

    But is there truly any hope for him, even after he shat on the movie industry?
    I think the only good movie that he recently left for us to dig out of the pile of human waste, was Grownups, and i think it was cause of the 8 other famous actors that made the movie so good(haha especially david spade)
    Honestly, what do you think about his future? Do you think he can pull it off? Hes gunna need to try very hard to make people forget about his shit being smeared all over the public restroom mirror, that was a figure of speech of course. I really do hope he can get out of the gutter sooner or later, yet it may be the end for him.
    So what do you guys think about his future?
  2. Sorry about all of the "so what do you think about his future"'s
  3. No, hes old and has hit a dead end career wise.
  4. Honestly he's at the point in his career that even if his movie flops he still makes a good chunk of money no matter what. He casts all his buddies in the movies, they make money, put in whatever effort they want and cash their check.

    I'm pretty sure all the recent movies have been produced under the Happy Madison company. That's just money in the bank for him. Pretty sure he made money off that awful awful flop of Bucky Larson movie
  5. I agree with the above poster, farming money out for his boys. Few of which are marginally talented, but they should instead be eeking out a living doing standup gigs like the rest of their peers. They would probably be funnier for living that lifestyle than being handed checks by Pap-pap Adam. Misery breeds perspective which enhances comedy. Hand outs breed Rob Schnieder.

    Ya'll seen 'Funny People'? I hope his life really is like that, except that I hope Sandler never gets his girl, and dies of cancer.

    Two words, Adam Sandler: SELL OUT. Adam has chosen to die a slow terrible career death by means of the Hollywood Box office succubus. I have no sympathy.
  6. That's my boy was the worst movie I have ever seen. Terrible!
  7. Adam Sandler is from my city haha, one of the 4 high schools here (the one he went to, Central) has a mural for the football team and he is on it, goofy curly hair and all haha

    but ya, he is growing up and can't play the ridiculously stupid grown child part anymore (like The Waterboy, Billy Madison etc.) and that's all he was ever good at

    regardless, still proud to run into him at the Red Arrow every year or so :D
  8. I still cannot bring myself to watch Little Nicki. "Funny People" in a way he kind of mocks himself with the kinds of movies he's in, like his mermaid movie and the one where hes a baby lol.
  9. Waterboy, Billy Madison and Happy Gilmore are hilarious. So is 8 Crazy Nights. He's gone down the can though.
  10. I don't know... I unconditionally love all of Adam Sandler's movies - and I was never big on "The Waterboy" (flame suit on).

    It's like me and Metallica. I like their new shit - their old shit is classic, but I like the new shit jusr as well ( Death Magnetic and The Loads - NO St. Anger).

    But how funny is it that Sandler is the highest paid actor in Hollywood (or one of). My mom told me that, so don't quote me on it!
  11. I loved the movie where he plays a man whos family died on 9/11. He should do more dramas.
  12. He probably doesn't give a fuck, he's adam sandler
  13. He really only has A very limited range of comedy and roles that he plays in movies. That being said, adams career has been dead for a while lol theres no comin back
  14. well he's doing grown ups 2, hope its atleast as good as the first or I'll give up. if he did do more movies like reign over me, it'd probly help him.

    I dont think its all been bad movies lately, zookeeper and grown ups was awesome, as was chuck and larry
  15. Funny people was the best movie he has had for awhile, great movie imo
  16. Water boy, Mr Deeds, Big Daddy. All pretty much 10 ten movies IMO. And his old stand up was GREAT. This guy really is funny....

    But his career is shit now and we all know this. He will do any stupid fucking movie he can and its making him look so stupid. South Park makes fun of it often lol.
  17. That movie was INCREDIBLE! I can't even watch it anymore because when he cried and tells his story to Don Cheadle in the office, I lose it.

    That movie was extremely under rated. Fuck it. I'm going to re-watch it now. IDGAF.

    It's called "Reign Over Me".
  18. I want to shit in his mouth soo bad. The last good movie he did was Click.
  19. What a nasty mental image, man. My god!

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