Adam Kokesh Arrested At Philly Pot Rally

Discussion in 'Politics' started by lightupbong, May 19, 2013.

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    It is very important that this march on DC happens...This will be a turning in the tide and gain a lot of support on our side. This is the first BIG act of civil disobedience we will see, and it's going to break the set of mindless obedience and make way/encourage a lot more civil disobedience. They know it too, and thats the last thing they want. The system has the means to keep tabs on everybody in the country, they know exactly what percent the "meter of revolution" is at, how far in the "downloading" stage it's at, and where the tipping point is and the effect that certain events will have on their sheeple. They are very scared of this because they know it's going to make a lot of people break out of their sleep.
    It's the first big step in saying "fuck you, i'm not complying anymore, I'm not your slave." Tons of people who are scared right now, are going to get off their ass now that they saw someone else make the first move. Adam is seriously ahead of his time, I have an incredible amount of respect for him, he is going to go down in history. This is one for the books, and the system wants you to stay in your bubble and not worry about protesting or disobeying (even though Thomas Jefferson said we have an obligation to disobey unjust laws). They know people will follow after Adam's bravery. Basically, it's like taking the first little piece out of the Jenga tower that is the power structure.

    Now, you see this? she is some SPECIAL kind of retarded....Civil disobedience is PRECISELY not following the law; it is that simple. This "chief" is severely uninformed about this and other historical acts of civil disobedience, such as those in the civil rights movement where african-americans ILLEGALLY sat at counters in restaurants (known as the sit-in movement) that were for whites only to make the point that the morally unjust law they were breaking was just that. This is precisely what Adam is doing.

  2. Here, this is what i'm trying to get at,

    "...Is a chain reaction that occurs when a small change causes a similar change nearby, which then causes another similar change, and so on in linear sequence."
    So, all of the people out there who are pissed off, angry, depressed, tired of all of the bullshit, but just too afraid to do anything, are going to SHOOT out of the tunnel after they see Adam make the first move. "Hey, did you hear about Kokesh? He's a fucking hero man. Here, I have this idea....."
    More acts of civil disobedience will follow. Can anybody understand my point, and/or elaborate or make any additions or have any other interpretations? I really think this thing is important, the system wouldn't have kidnapped him if it wasn't. 
  3. she really is a special kind of 'stupid', they're all are.
  4. But what about the nice shiny stars she has on her costume?
  5. Ahh I didn't see're right
    just disregard everything I said in my last two posts! Sorry guys I ruin everything
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    BTW, does anybody think tabs are being kept on us specifically? Isn't Grasscity a pretty big/well known/highly visited forum page? And I'm sure they have trolls or agents who monitor the big forums and political sections and try to spread disinfo or at least get an idea of how "politically awakened" each political subsection is on large forums, to meter what stage the population or at least internet users are in, in terms of becoming politically aware, no?
  7. Yes, on all of us.
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    I totally agree with your "rant". I'm sure some subservient blacks during the civil rights movement told their friends and family that what they were doing was a stupid idea. "It will piss off whitey and set our progress back! They will retaliate with stricter laws and rasher racism! You can't do this. We must lick Master's boot and fight within his laws!"
    Fuck that! I hope Master is pissed off! I hope he realizes his balls are in a vice and we won't take any more shit. I would be there if I could but it's way too far for me.
    Edit: I'm sure I'm on a few lists. Fine, I keep an eye on my enemy too, obviously.
  9. I think either people are going to jail, it's not going to happen or the third thing, they try and take by force and they fight back, all of which are bad things in my opinion, i don't think this is the right way to go about solving an issue but..Clearly something needs to be done if police are arresting people, beating the fuck out of them and then charging them with assaulting an officer (Something i read that had been happening before the kokesh arrest)
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    "You have owners. They own you! They own everything! They own all the important land. They own and control the corporations."
    "They own this fucking place! It's a Big Club and YOU ain't in it. YOU and I are NOT in the Big Club"- George Carlin

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    I'm so sick of this shit...this guy is a little kid who has been bullied and picked on in a fat, lazy, piece of shit's body. 
    People LOVE that sense of authority they have others, it's a fucking disease....
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    I got something they can own, right here... :devious:

    lol that interview made my butthole laugh
    yeah, we want your help protesting the fuckin people you work for
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    Most likely, especially if you have a grow journal lol.

    They definitely have a file on me, lmao. I assume not only from being an occasional guest at the Kokesh compound but also  anything I express here has been expressed on my FB which I know is watched. Fuck the government. The only time it will come to haunt us is if marshal law goes into effect and they are rounding up possible trouble makers. In all honesty, I do avoid posting too much about the IRS, as I don't want to be on their "fuck this guy" list. 
    And whoever mentioned grow journal, I sure hope you are using tor and your name isn't connected to you username through open IP etc. If you aren't, I am assuming you have always skipped the "security" section in the books and on this forum.
    I don't grow (not currently in the position to) and anything I say here I say in public so I do not worry about it. I also have been to a ton of anarchy/voluntaryist events and am a felon, I am pretty sure it is futile to worry about if I am on a list at this point.
    As Lucas said on AJ today and Adam has said before, "At this point if your not on a list, your doing something wrong" (or something to that extent...) 
  18. fuck them! fuck their lists!
  19. His proposed armed march on Washington, DC, July 4, 2013, has about as much chance of success as Occupy Wall Street did when they said they would close down the stock exchanges.      
  20. You can actually get the file the FBI has on you if you're willing to request it(I saw a thread on it once), the only issue is obviously if they didn't have a file on you before they will afterwards lol.
    I'd be really interested in what it had to say though, someone who had requested theirs said the FBI had all sorts of random information, like they attended a political rally wearing a red hat and stuff like that.

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