Adam Kokesh Arrested At Philly Pot Rally

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    they do have an "unlike" option. so it doesnt show up on your feed/profile. 

  2. Maybe they meant it to pick up steam and thery're going to brainwash that guy.
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    TBH, this is a big deal even if you hate Adam Kokesh and everything he stands for (individual liberty, peace, etc.).
    If someone from the Westboro Baptist Church (a group which I hate everything that they stand for) was at a gathering preaching nothing but hate, and got kidnapped by the police for no reason, I would feel the same way. This type of shit is a big deal.
    If you care a little bit about civil liberties, which *most* people here do, then Adam's arrest is completely unfounded. If it can happen to him, it can happen to any one of us.
    If Adam was smoking weed and got arrested, it would be unjust, but it technically is a crime and that's that. There is no evidence of a crime being committed, even though he was in the midst of people who were possessing a controlled substance.
    There is stuff about this that we don't know. From the videos I've watched, it looks like he was specifically targeted. If they thought he was committing a crime, we would be told what the crime was. But all I've heard is "resisting arrest", which is clearly disproved by video evidence. They saw him and grabbed him. The only legal justification of doing that would be if he was committing crime, but the only thing he is charged with is something that happened after he was in custody.
    This shit doesn't make sense. But if it did, it wouldn't be government.
    I didn't go into work just so I can get updated as soon as something happens.
  4. Man this thing is getting interesting.
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    saw the video.. guess they arrested him for being 'the lead' right after the smoke up.
    i saw he was charged with assaulting an officer.. fuckin stinky law dogs..
  6. He kinda looks like a villain, lol.
  7. There is no doubt, Adam Kokesh is a political prisoner.
  8. We have arrived at the spot that I believe Ayn Rand mentioned somewhere, that there are now enough laws on the books so if the gov't wants to fuck with you, they can charge you with something.
    A few months ago some writer or lawyer(?) was saying that just about everybody commits a felony every day.
  9. "Nothing to see here folks"
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    i think its a big deal because they're fuckin with the wrong guy.. he has a decent following in this movement.
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    I've seen this in my FB newsfeed:

    But I haven't seen anyone official on Adam's page confirming it, just the update the poster above me quoted about the trial^^^

    Anyone know whether this is true or not? I'd like to know when they are alleging this assault took place? There's way too much video evidence that it didn't happen, so, WTF???
  12. Not too familiar with this dude. What's the rally going down in July about?
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    According the Inforwars they are charging him with assaulting a federal officer and if you've seen his arrest that is on video you know that's a complete fucking lie!
    Cops do that shit all the time, make up bullshit charges, like arresting someone for resisting arrest and that's the only charge. Fucking retarded.
    Adam Kokesh Charged With “Assaulting a Federal Officer”
    Welcome to the American Police State. We are a nation of men, not of laws.
  15. wow this is fucked, they're saying he grabbed a rangers arm and in the video his hands are just up..
    Well, we got room in Canada i suppose..Although our marijuana program sucks balls. 
    Peacefully my ass. Time for a coup d' etat.

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