Adam Kokesh Arrested At Philly Pot Rally

Discussion in 'Politics' started by lightupbong, May 19, 2013.

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    The cops are really dumb, this will just make Adam more popular and make more people march in the rally, according to his FB page he will most likely be released on bond on monday.

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  4. Kokesh wasn't even doing anything wrong. They had to have known who their target was and went after him. I'm not familiar with Adam Kokesh at all but I did hear an interview with him on the Alex Jones show. Wish I could make it up to the march in July but there's just no way I could afford it.

    But this just goes to show you how nuts the police have gotten. They're getting worse and worse all the damn time. I can't drive 5 minutes in my city without seeing at least one undercover car. It's like they don't even mark any of the new cop cars. They're also all going to SUVs, trucks, and muscle cars now as aposed to your little impalas they use to drive. They're obviously gearing up for some shit.

    Anybody sen the video of the cops kickin in a door and tazing the residents? Straight bullshit. Google search 'California Police Break In Private Residence, Taze Person Filming' you should be able to find it. I posted the video on Facebook and everybody commented how the cops had every right to kick in the door and taze the people. I'm sorry but that's just bullshit. And what's going on with Kokesh is bullshit.

    We need to stand together in whatever city were in and fight back. Revolution seems to be the only answer at this point. Problem is too many people are so complacent and defend the government and cops. I'll tell my family about a wrongful arrest made or about some new legislation they're trying to pass and rather than getting upset or anything they just say 'Ohh well I'm sure there's more to the story' or 'well obviously they needed to do that otherwise they wouldn't have done it'. Nobody understands the concept that quite possibly the most rich, influential and powerful people in the world might conspire together. It's not that hard of a concept to grasp.

    Good luck to Adam Kokesh. Raise hell y'all.
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    Adam Kokesh  GUY PLANTS SOMETHING IN ADAM'S POCKET AT 0:37...look how closely the police carry those two guys together, as soon as the drugs are in the pocket, he is tackled to the ground.
    If we see drug possession come out of this, we will know why.
  6. He's picking up thousands of new "likes" on his Facebook page.
    Government officials still can't grasp the concept of "blowback." Pity.
  7. in this case, believe me, you wouldnt want them to :smoking:
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    If he's being framed, they definitely have decided to drop that, because it's picked up way too much steam, and too much video evidence to go against the idea.
    New Video

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    This will be their own undoing in the end. Can't pity the ignorant after they've deliberately been ignoring the truth this whole time. Fuck them.

    edited to add: That bold font sucks ass, can barely tell one from the other.
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    "when they have crime labs that are backed up with rape kits that are never getting tested, these cops are people that would rather bust you as a pot smoker than a rapist!"
    "you know what, theres one other statistic we'd like to share with these cops that they may not know right now, marijuana users on average have SMALLER waistlines!...just might be some practical advice..."
    What a gem...
  11. NJ Weedman posted on Fb that Adam didnt have any weed on him at the event. He offered to smoke Adam up prior to going on stage, but Adam said he didn't want to.
    <span>Adam Kokesh, N A POE, and others are being held in Philadelphia in a federal jail. Monday we need everyone who supports these men in their time of need!! Tomorrow Adam is expected to see a judge to set bail. The AVTM crew will be there all day and we would love if the people would come out and join us in support of our friends who have been taken captive!!</span>
  13. Heard his radio producer on Infowars earlier, Adam in a federal jail in Philly. They said he hasn't gotten any drug charges and the guy touching his pants was not a cop. Apparently he was with the rally. Anyways just wanted to inform y'all.
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    I "liked" him on facebook.  Unfortunately, they don't have a "dislike, but morbidly interested" option

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