Adam Kokesh Arrested At Philly Pot Rally

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    He said he thinks it's not a good move.

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    Seems legit. :laughing:
    edit: @lenny I don't think there will actually be 4k people there, but I hope I'm wrong.
  3. I guess not if it is cancelled...
    @Runningw235, I guess it is cancelled now. Hopefully you see this
    Shame. I'll have to try and find another way to stand up for liberty while here.
  5. It really is. This DC thing seemed to have been taking off quite nicely.
  6. It would be sweet if 4k ppl did the march on DC even with it being cancled.
  7. I don't understand this move, to be honest...the gun right march was actually gaining some real traction. While I like the goals of dissolving the federal government, the whole thing seems a bit outlandish. While adam has a fairly intense following, he's essentially dividing it by 50 with this, and I don't really think he has those kind of numbers. So, what could have been a very successful march will have probably turned into 50 quite small, inconsequential events. I of course hope I am wrong. SOMETHING is gonna spark the revolution. Hopefully this is it, but it seems unlikely that a serious effort to dissolve the federal government could be organized in 6 weeks time.

    Not relevant? True, but I couldn't help myself ;)
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    From what I can see, there's one major problem that's created by the change. When you go to Adam's FB page, you can only see one link to a State Capitol march, not all 50. When there was only 1 planned march on DC, getting to the page was easy, cause it's right there on Adam's FB page, but now that there's so many, there's no way for everyone to get to the appropriate march to their capitol to click "attend". So, any given state could have a few thousand people that want to go, but if only 20-30 caught the link in their feed when he created and/or updated the march page, then how are they all supposed to make it public that they are going? Then because of such a low turnout number on the main page, even those that said they were going will be more likely to cancel because it wouldn't be worth it.

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    This thread has dropped to page 3. What's up guys? Any new developments or did Kokesh really kill all support for the march(es) by switching up the plan?
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  11. You should read some literature sometime.

    Or study history

    If you think America can't become nazis Germany all.over again, your.simply naive. Period

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    If you don't think that his "movement" would turn us into a greater hellhole you're not thinking. :smoke:
  13. If you don't think that his "movement" would turn us into a greater hellhole you're not thinking. :smoke:
    I'm a pretty smart person. Try me

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  15. Q=1
    Idk 10?

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  16. P= AF

    Which backwards is FAP

    Omg illuminati!!!
    Pretty close. Its 0. Look at your keyboard.

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