Adam Kokesh Arrested At Dc Smokedown 6/8

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  1. Yup...again
  2. Any real info on this at all? Videos, a testimony of what happened and how it went down? Anything?
  3. Yea, 420 countdown went on then they came up about 5 minutes after while everyone was smoking and took Adam and one other named Dustin. Park Police have him as stated by tripace.

    "I cant" confirm wether he smoked in that time frame...
  4. So that's all the info? What are the charges? Resisting arrest again? No video yet? I can't believe anyone would post this here or on his FB page and give absolutely zero details. Where's all the video footage and details of what happened?
  5. Dude,AVTM is a business. They will go home and edit videos etc before posting. Plus who knows uf something incriminating is on the videos. Private videos should come through anytime. No one knows the charge but we are assuming possession.
  6. Damn this shit again? He's a crazy mf
  7. \t Am I libertarian?
    \t <span>Via Nathan Cox:

    Adam Kokesh has been arrested by Park police in front of the White House. They arrested him because there is a marijuana cigarette a.k.a a joint, on the ground near him. 202 619 7310 is the number to park's police.

    Apparently Park Police was assaulting peaceful people as well, I'm sure there's tons of video that will soon come out if it's not already out.</span>
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    Yea, when they first approached they pushed this girl pretty good w/o a command or anything. She got pushed like 12 ft back to the curb 3 times. Has some marks on her arm etc.

    EDit: I think someone got bit by a horse too
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    Adam says he has been released!

  10. The man has balls I give him that. Although at this rate he's going to get his guns confiscated before the march on Washington. 
  11. Damn it! I'm in dc and I missed this!!!!!!
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  13. There is no armed march. He called it off.
  14. Now he's calling for peaceful marches I'm in capitals of all the states I don't know if there's one in real a they're planning to march around the Federal Reserve in Charlotte North Carolina but as for the other states go I think it's all the Capitals
  15. Kokesh is a dumbass he should have had one march in D.C. now the whole thing is going to be a joke. 
  16. That's good. He was starting to sound like a violent revolutionary. Which would hurt the cause

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  17. When I read your title I said to myself, "again?".
  19. Go Adam!!! A true patriot with some balls. I hope to join him at a rally one day.

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