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  1. i'm atheist and i was raised in an atheist family so i know almost nothing about christianity. but i remember hearing the adam and eve story when i was a little kid.
    why didn't god want them to eat from the tree of knowledge of good and evil? what was he planning for the universe with a man and a woman who had no knowledge of everything? (or what was whoever made up the adam and eve story trying to make a point of?) like obviously it sucks that the world knew evil, but why did god even create that tree (did he?) if he didn't want anyone to eat from it? i guess i could research about it, but nothing really tells me WHY... so i'm asking here because i generally like the feedback i get from grass city.
  2. Adam and eve was created to provide people who are ashamed of going to a sex shop a place to get whips and chains and vibrators and such
  3. Because god wanted to make apple pie out of the biggest apples and he didn't wanna share.
  4. Maybe he didnt want us to know so wed learn it all ourselves. Im sure we have the abilities On our own. It was a test. We failed.
  5. They didn't want people asking questions.

    The devil is in the details.

    If you have any common sense, and research the religion, you'd find it wAs designed for primitive man.

    They don't want you asking questions.
  6. God didnt want them to eat from it because it would give them the knowledge of evil but the devil(snake) convinced them to which in turn made them no longer inocent so they were kicked out
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    It didn't happen. Some guy wrote the bible as a bed time story.

  8. [quote name='"MaxAmmo"']They didn't want people asking questions.

    The devil is in the details.

    If you have any common sense, and research the religion, you'd find it wAs designed for primitive man.

    They don't want you asking questions.[/quote]

    Maybe its this I dont really remember. U shud uuse google or ask on a Christian forum not stoners lol

  9. but a christian forum is just going to say everything this guy said... a non-answer
  10. oh wait that was you haha
  11. WHAT'S WRONG WITH ASKING STONERS? do stoners not have open minds? i just wanted to know what you guys knew, or what you think...
  12. Im pretty sure there never was an apple.... unless you say something stupid like him being the worm trying to enter her apple...

    or him getting his worm into the apple...

    and so on.... but yea god was like yo lemme just take these people right here and tell them not to do something...and if they listen ill stick around and tell them what to do since im not actually allowed to hurt them... and when they didn't listen he said fuck it and moved onto a better place
  13. Logic trumps fairy tales.

  14. You call me a nutcase.. then spew out this?
  15. Why didn't god want Adam and Eve to eat the apple?

    Becauase the apple was not just an ordinary apple, but it was a magical one. Anyone who eats that apple will become god. And god didn't want Adam and Eve to become god and be on the same level as him. So he told them not to eat it.


    But why did god put it there in the first place?

    Because he had to. It was a required element to put in the garden. Without this tree, the garden wouldn't be complete. Sort of like the 'center piece' of an art exhibition or a botanical garden.

  16. Yeah people get pretty butthurt when religion's brought up in any way.. even if it's not offensive towards anyone. Atheists tend to start a lot of pointless trolling. [I'm classifying as atheists, don't take offense to that because I know it's not just atheists.. and some atheists don't either.. but those that do. you know.]
  17. Religions like having a penis it's OK to have one it's OK to be proud of it but you don't go waving it around in public :p
  18. Its the apple represents a promise, and eve convinced adam to break that promise. This story really shows what happens in todays world, trust... trust is something you can break in an instance, and sometimes you can't gain back. The story pretty much represents trust, and adam and eve broke that trust just like we as humans break promises, and trust and everything else. Its human nature, but we as people need to be that 1% that doesnt break trust we need to be loyal in ourselves, and in others. Its part of the meaning of life

  19. very true man, and I agree

    I also believe this bible passage shows one of the greatest tricks in the world is deception.. every sin is based off of that. The snake(satan, evil, sin) deceived Eve who then told Adam it was okay, he literally stole the truth from them causing the break of trust between God and Man. And people wonder why God doesn't show himself to us.. at least in physical form. Look at the way people treat him now? Look how we all talk about him? Simply amazing when someone comes out of nowhere and says "He's not real, I don't believe in him, but he should show himself to me!"

    high rant
  20. "Apple" is never mentioned in Genesis 1!!!

    It's "The forbidden fruit".

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