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Discussion in 'General Forum Feedback' started by herojuana, Feb 17, 2004.

  1. theres this amazing product called the 'Zig Zag Gun' - Cigarette Tube Filling Machine, and also zig zag ciggerette blanks, the machine fills ciggerette blank tubes with any smoking blend, it is 18 bucks, and like 4 bucks for a pack of 100 blanks, i think this machine would sell big at the city!! its probly the most descretete way of smoking, the blanks look exactly like regular ciggs, i realy think that this product would be a tremendously good seller,
  2. heres a pic

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  3. can i get some feed back, doesnt this thing look ace!

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  4. intructions

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  5. I like the fact that it looks like a real cigarette and not a joint. You know, for those times when you want to smoke kind of in public but don't want to have to be so sneaky? I'll show it to SJ! :)
  6. l use one all the time..
  7. it looks like a kit for rolling smokes. i think i've got tubes from yrs ago lol. i know i've got a couple rollers in my storage room. those would be big j's for me. i like my pinners:)
  8. I dunno, figure you roll, create, whatever, make 20 tight ones, you just used an ounce up. It's not my method of conserving because I blaze all of whats in front of me when I smoke.
  9. yeah i've got one.....couldn't get it to work too well, when the rod inserted the weed, it had a habbit of pulling it out as it retracted back insidde, but it must work........i'm just dumb, took me weeks to get my head round a rolling out........Sid
  10. I've got one too. Made one cigarette looking joint, but found
    out I didn't like it for the sole reason that it burned too fast
    for me. That's for stealth, in public smoking, which I don't do.
    And I like to take a hit maybe once every five minutes. I
    looked back after a couple of minutes and half the damn
    joint was gone. That's why I'll stick to my pipe.
  11. i was thinkn about mixen menthol tobacco with weed, like half n half so it doesnt smell so weedish, and it doesnt burn so fast!, this is NOT a rolling machine if u look at it, it takes empty ciggerettes and puts ur mix in them, i would imagine if u put enuf menthol tobacoo in the mix it would barely smell like grass at all and u can jsut cruze down the street sporting one of these guys without a worry,

    Blix u said it made one joint lookin ciggerete, r u talking about this machine or some other rollin machine cuz these jsut fill empty ciggs,

    thanks in advance RMJL for tellin SJ,
  12. the tobacco will help with burning. but not with the smell. i know some people who smoke it like that all the time. i mean it probly helps. couldn't hurt anyways, that's for sure!
  13. i rember menthol tobacco giving off a strong moenthol minty smell, and it soothes the throat, but yea it wont hurt and ul be able to have alot more ciggerettes with less money cuz ur mixing 2
  14. ehh...dude newports are costly even ordered online..let alone bud-ports...haha. And plus, even though smoking tobacco with weed may be the way to conserve for some, and it is an interesting way to smoke it, the tobacco side of the buzz will be overwhelming for a lot of people...and it does ruin the taste and complexity of the smoke by mixing it with... who knows what is in the tobacco...some additives include polonium and plutonium..acetone..components for rocket fuel...ect...ect.. Then again, maybe you're like me and cigarettes don't even give you a buzz anymore...

    I'll just get the futurola thing...I'd rather have that degree of control over how tight its rolled, and I won't smoke weed through a fiberglass filter.

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