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Actual ?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by grassnotgas, May 22, 2010.

  1. Sketchy... very sketchy, son.
  2. Seriously :eek:? That seems like a horrible plan, you should just find a local dealer.
  3. Let me preface this by saying I would never ever ever do that, however I can't help but be a little curious. However I've learned that if something seems too good to be true than chances are it is. Ordering pounds of top shelf dank for recreational use as often as you want delivered right to your front door without consequence!? I don't think so. I don't really get this though:


    Bottom of the page. All of the above is a fictional story? So is that like to waive any liability when law enforcement/DEA figures step in with accusations or is that there so after you send them your money and get screwed they can't say they didn't warn you that there never was any marijuana in the first place :p
  4. well you just lost some money..
  5. I think he may have just asked for and possibly received(?) a free sample that they say they're offering for a limited time for all the's still just as sketch in my opinion.
  6. #7 450outlaw, May 23, 2010
    Last edited by a moderator: May 23, 2010
    That whole page just screams scam to me IMO. To the OP if your telling the truth and it's legit, I wouldn't be shocked to see law enforcement when you get your next package.

    Edit: i just noticed BryanDaniel is a fellow mac owner :hello:.

  7. It makes it especially difficult for the rest of us because this is his FIRST post. There's always something fishy about radical first posts posted by an account made within the last couple of hours. But I suppose everyone has to start somewhere right?

    Hahaha and that I am 450outlaw:hello:
    Haha at first I was like "whoa how can he tell?! He must have a sixth scent that allows him to identify mac users!"....and then I saw my screen grab :p
  8. I didn't open the link he posted i saw the posts: 1 and decided no way. I didn't notice it at first and then i started looking at your screenshot in depth and it clicked :D
  9. The fact that you were looking at my screenshot in depth makes me very relieved that I didn't have any particularly embarrassing tabs open :p
  10. At first i thought it was mine for some reason which got me looking at it in depth. Then i looked at the tabs and realized i don't have facebook or aol in a tab, this is the reason i try not to post if i'm too high :p.
  11. If you order from this company? You deserve what you get.

    Sometimes I wonder how in the hell we ever made it to the top of the food chain. :D
  12. Hahaha dude that's fucking hilarious!:D
  13. If this thread stays open I'd be interested to see how this turns out.
  14. usually big bro on gc deletes the hell out of these kind of threads. which makes me nervous. cuz it is dudes 1st post kind of screams that either owns the site or hes da 5-0 but i have heard of mail order bud b4. try it with a 1/8th or q a 1st then get a 1/2 oz.

  15. I'm surprised this is still open as well.
    This thread isn't breaking any rules? Not one?
  16. ^^^^^^thats why i think something is up with it
  17. Anyone got enough balls/cash to give this a go?

  18. Honestly, I started doing a little research on mail order marijuana just to see if I could dig up some more facts, testimonials, opinions, etc, and have come to the conclusion that it's just not worth it even if these things are legit. I read through a lot of forums outside of GC where some people were vouching for (insert MOM url here), many explaining how there's no way, and many others who were just as suspicious as the rest of us. On one forum I came across, the members were talking about zippybud, a MOM that I don't believe is operational anymore. Like "Actual", zippybud would sell and deliver to anyone, and apparently was selling shrooms and acid too. A few of the forum vets were vouching for the site, claiming it worked, the bud was good, and one confirming that he had ordered and received as much as an ounce, which was interesting because they seemed like pretty reputable members. However I found that the arguments stating why any MOM website (especially one that is knowingly dealing for recreational use) would not and does not work to be much more convincing. Some kid was trying to explain that this place zippybud was able to do what he was doing because he was in Canada and was therefore harder to track :)confused:)
    Someone's response:

    "I disagree. It would be VERY easy to backtrack to the source.
    Virtually ALL mail/packages, whether via U.S. mail or common carries (UPS, Fed-Ex, etc.) in the U.S./Cananda is scanned/sorted electronically.
    The dea could place an order and have it shipped to say Ted J. Baloney in Wichita. When the pkg. arrives they notify Canada of the zip code of it's origin. Canada could then determine which specific post office/UPS outlet it was shipped from. They stick a dope dog there and when someone brings in a package to ship--BAM, busted.

    Here's another reason: If zippybud ships the weed they might make let's say 50% profit. If they DON'T ship the weed, it's ALL profit. They just get friends and family to post hell yeah I got the weed, no problems.

    I'm not calling you a liar or zippybud shill. But I know A LOT about the commercial end of pot dealing and it's pitfalls. There is no way no how the dea and it's Canadian counterpart would allow someone to openly sell weed.

    Finally, it someone was geting away with it, there would be thousands of more places open up for business overnight, doing the same thing. That's another reason why the U.S & Canada would not allow it.

    P.S. If zippybud DID ship weed, it's not only breaking U.S. and Canadian laws, it's violating international law. He would have Interpol looking for him too."

    There's no way you can be dealing pounds and pounds of weed over the internet and not have any authoritative figures catch on. And I have no doubt in my mind that they would let something like that slide, and would have absolutely no problems whatsoever in tracking and busting whoever is behind these operations.

    By the way can someone tell me if this statement made on Actual's homepage has any power whatsoever?:

    "By proceeding further, you acknowledge that

    1. That you swear under oath in US court of law, that you are not a law enforcement officer, government employee, or cooperating with the aforementioned for the purpose of prosecuting another individual."

    I saw someone post an ad on craigslist once advertising weed to anyone, and made a very similar statement saying something like "by responding to this ad you are agreeing that you are not a low enforcement officer, government employee, or cooperating with the aforementioned for the purpose of prosecuting another individual." So let's say I was a cop and decided to hit up this kid via craigslist anyways so I could bust his ass. Would I be unable to because "by responding to his ad I was agreeing that I wasn't a cop"?
    Quite frankly that seems like the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard.
    Somehow I can't see that working.
  19. Yeah I know what you're saying how the DEA and shit would never let that kind of thing slide but where I'm from New Zealand we have had many of these mail businesses that are legit but usually only stay open for about a month before getting busted or just closing down.
    Would be nice to know if there was an international mail order

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