Actual wattage led grow light for 40 x 40 x 120 cm grow tent

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  1. Hello brothers and sisters, im new in this forum. Im currently starting my first ever grow after being a cannabis lover for around 15 years or so. Im now using a 40cm x 40cm x120cm grow tent and i have trouble with the led light i bought, which is 300w(80w actual watt). My tent seem to be 29°~30° eventho i set my fan speed on medium with one 4 inch fan running fullspeed inside the tent too. My question is, is my current led light wattage too high for the size of my tent? How much actual wattage Led light that i should get for my current tent size? Can someone point me to the right direction? I really out of ideas now.
  2. That is a very small tent. I'm getting 15.7" x 15.7" x 47"?

    It's not even two square feet. I use a 60 watt board based led in my veg area and the rated bloom coverage for it is 2 square feet. So, that 60 watt light is slightly overrated for your area. If you're using a 300w it's likely not as efficient as the 60 watt one that I have but still slightly overpowered.

    If you plan to grow start to finish in that same space you'll need a less powerful light to get the plant started and hearty and then put that more powerful one in there once it gets enough size to not be cooked by it.

    It would be more ideal to have a dimmable light for that space and one more around 50 watts or so if it's higher end efficient leds.

    30-40 watts per square foot is rule of thumb for higher end leds. 40-50 for some cheaper models so you're right in the range but only for bloom.

    I never veg at bloom light level. I veg with less then half if it's the same light type. If you use a CFL bulb you could probably veg with an 85 watt or so version and still have half the light levels or less.
  3. Is your exhaust fan piped to the outside so that it pumps the hot grow room air outside and not in a circle in the room? If the answer is no that is part of your problem. The exhaust fan needs to dump outside.
  4. I would get a larger tent. It's too small to have a decent crop in and get good light distance. The height of less then 4 feet and requiring at least 12" for a pot and 12-18" light distance along with the light hanging at least 4" or so from the ceiling. Add all that together and that's how much room you have for plant. I get 34" leaving room for a 13" tall plant.

    3x3x6 is the minimum size I would run for veg and bloom. I would run two. It's double the harvests a year almost.
  5. Thanks for the kind reply. I have been searching around aliexpress and found a 216w UFO led light which drawing 65w from the wall, will that be overkill too? Im worry about the heat that currently produce in my tent using the 300w(80w actual). And i cant set my inline fan on low due to the heat inside the tent.
  6. Thanks for the respond sir. My current setup is my filter in the tent and my exhaust fan outside of the tent, and air blowing out into my bedroom room which is air condition. (I cant vent it outside of the room due to space and the area im putting the tent)
  7. What you want is something with a dimmer so you can dim it down to the perfect level for each stage or to manage your temps. It's always a balance with lights. The highest you can run them and still maintain good temps in the garden is as hard as you should run them. You should never sacrifice the environment at the expense of running the lights harder.
  8. Can you use a batheroom exhaust fan duct or over vent or dryer vent duct? You can also build a window vent in such a way that you can't tell it's a window vent from the outside and connect it to a duct. There's a good build of one 3 minutes in to this video. I use a window vent I made much more simple because I don't have to hide it where I am.

  9. Due to stealth setup and the only space that i can put the tent. I have no choice but to use that small size tent. I know it seems like im wasting my time growing in such small tent, but thats the only choice that i have. I would be very very very happy if i can manage to get 1 - 1 1/2 ounce out of it.
  10. Any chance recommend me which dimmer type i should get for this small tent? I already mess up with my 1st grow light purchase. Cant afford to mess it up again.
  11. Any chance recommend me which dimmer type i should get for this small tent? I already mess up with my 1st grow light purchase. Cant afford to mess it up again.
  12. Adding a dimmer to an LED is best done on the driver output and with a commercially made light that doesn't already include a dimmer it's tricky to add one.
  13. Can you link what light you have?
  14. I will link it later on when im back home. Cause im using my phone now. Need to log in my pc.
  15. Really thank you so much for ur guide. I wanna ask, if i wanna take the type of light that cant be dimm, just hang and grow. Any idea what suitable for me? Cause im still super new in this, i think i would prefer using the non dimm type for a start, but not so sure how much wattage of light i should get.
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