actual label grasscity ships with

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    Does the actual shipping label say or anything like that? I know they say the packaging is discrete but I was wondering if the label still has the name of the site. I realize this is not really what this thread is for but I dont feel like waiting for customer service. I would really appreciate someone who has bought from this site before sharing their experience.
  2. Bump..someone please just answer the question
  3. I doubt discrete packaging has something that says GRASScity on it.

    But i have never ordered from them so i dont know for sure.
  4. The box that my stuff came in was plain white, without anything to indicate what was inside. The label did not say grasscity.
  5. Discrete means discrete...they look like ordinary packages.
  6. yes allagoch is right there will be nothing on it that says grasscity.
  7. It says on the package where it came from (Amsterdam), and if your package gets searched, (like mine did) it will clearly list what the contents are. I bought a small bong and grinder and on the outside was 1. glass pipe, 2. plastic grinder. Pretty obvious for an outsider to put together.

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