Actual haircut

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  1. Parted to the side and slicked back with Wildroot cream oil

  2. am not have, i do
  3. I cut my own hair....I keep a buzz cut at a #2

  4. all aboard the lolleller coaster. dreadlocker no cut hair! ololol
  5. #4 or #3 on the sides, short/medium on top. Simple and nice
  6. What we have here are some genuine bono fid Long Haired Hippie Freaks WOORaaaaa
  7. At the moment, my hair looks similar to Paul Banks.

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    Right now my hair is kinda long. I've got wavy blonde hair, covers my ears. I dont really know how to describe it...maybe I'll update with a photo later....

    I've been told I should grow it out and get dreads
  9. I think a 6 around the sides and nicely trimmed and parted on the top. It looks pretty good actually.

    For the longest time it was just thick and sloppily brushed to the side, and it didn't look good on me.
  10. straight outta the bar-l haircut haha
  11. mohawk. ' but from ear to ear :wave:
  12. Screenshot_20161221-014407.png
    Here's my hair. follow me if u like guitar and skate vids

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