Actual Garbage Weed

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by paperplanes11, Mar 19, 2012.

  1. Okay so i decided i was goin on a t break starting on monday(tomorrow) but tonight i felt like i needed to smoke one last time. What's the big deal? Last night I threw the small amount of budz that i had left in the trash. Dont worry it was wrapped and tied in a sandwhich bag in a brand new garbage bag under some paper towels that were used to dry hands. I threw it out because my girl was over and she would rather me not smoke but she doesnt really "mind" if i do. So i threw it out. Then, tonight rolls around and i go pick it out (lol) at around 10:45 , roll it up, and take a ride.

    Now my question, is that grimy?
  2. no not at all especially when it was in a sandwich bag in a clean garbage bag with the only other item in it some dry hand towels sounds fine to me enjoy the bud man.
  3. In the clear bro, happy smokin
  4. I enjoyed :D glad i made the right choice haha
  5. Nah man. You're good, I would've been right there with you picking through the garbage.
  6. Rip op you will be missed
  7. why did OP die? :eek:
  8. Hahah trust me I've done a lot worse for marijuana...... up to the point im staring at a bowl of green mixed with hairs dust and god knows what and im standing there tryin to pick it all out over 2$ of weed.

  9. Ya, I don't see anything wrong with that. I have done far worse for weed myself like one time I had this nice bong that got smashes but it had tons of resin in it along with broken glass pieces. I was really drunk and ended up smoking it.
  10. Hahahahaha I knew I wasn't the only fiend out there.. Gotta do what ya gotta do

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