Activists in Massachusetts are looking for help

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  1. Please forward this widely.

    Activists in Massachusetts are looking for help between 4/20 and 6/30 gathering signatures to put an instructional question on the ballot in 16 or more of the 40 state senate districts. The signatures and addresses of over 1,200 registered voters are needed in each district. If you are interested in helping please contact, Steven Epstein, Esq. at

    The question would ask voters:
    "Shall the state senator or representative from this district be instructed to introduce and vote for legislation making possession of marijuana a civil violation, like a traffic ticket, instead of a criminal offense and requiring police to hold a person under 18 cited for possession until the person is released to a parent, legal guardian or brought before a judge?"

    Organizers in Massachusetts have a perfect record at the ballot box (see below) and with each election the call grows louder. As a result of this perfect record, legislation is sponsored in the state legislature and lobbying efforts, including letter writing to legislators, (go to: NORML's
    take action page at keep it alive.

    Steven S. Epstein, Esq.
    Treasurer and Database Manager

    Massachusetts Cannabis Reform Coalition\NORML
    A State Affiliate of the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws
    P.O. Box 0266, Georgetown, MA 01833-0366
    781-944-2266 -

    "We shall by and by want a world of hemp more for our own consumption."
    John Adams as Humphrey Ploughjogger
  2. Just got this email today...already responded to it before I came waddling over to browse the City! But seriously, do it and stop Sad Pandas from being arrested in Massachusetts ever again!

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