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    What are subjects that involve things that you think should be reformed or changed for the betterment of humanity and/or the condition of the planet. Also provide a description of your views if you wish.
    I have a few activism issues that fire me up, and surely as people post here I will acknowledge my feelings in those subjects.
    1. Waste of money on foreign policy/ foreign country aid, and corporate bailouts
    2. The infringement of the monetary system on the political system, corporations buying representatives for example
    3. Pollution, and clean energy methods and research that are suppressed by the money of big oil
    4. Food quality, factory farming, preservatives, genetic engineering.
    Post and discuss.

  2. permaculture

    space exploration/colonization

    posthumanism (cybernetics, immortality through technology, etc)

    as i see it those three things should really be humanities only goal at this point. keep the earth alive long enough that we can become immortals flying through space. after we get those things humanity can do as we please at a leisurely pace for all eternity
  3. I think the world will never be peaceful..... Just so you are aware of views are, im mostly right wing
    - I do get fired up when people criticize Russia about its gay laws (especially if you don't live in Russia)..... its Russia and its none of your business in how they do, since you don't live there..... If you want to criticize Russia gay laws.... i have an idea, go to saudi and criticize saudi gay laws there.... you will get beheaded just for talking about it.....
    - I do find things like UN and whatever a waste of money and not needed
    - I think corporate companies shouldn't have a influence in politics....
    - I find that green energy will never be enough and what we use today for power and whatever will be our dominant source for the long run
    - Weed should be legal

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