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    So a quick search has shown some haphazard attempts at getting a list going. Half of them were started up a year ago and only have one post in them even from 2011, which leads me to think we need an actually kept up list. I don't plan on leaving the forums, and I love Starcraft, so this should be kept up to date as much as possible.

    Figure just post your nickname and character ID, maybe what preference you have for ladder, and we'll see each other in game. Fantastic. :smoking:

    The List
    Time Zone - Forum Username - Nickname - Character ID(Hover over your Portrait name! :D )

    EST -5:00 - Mardhyn - Gepeto - 125(1v1)
    EST - Raembo - vVvRaembo - 895
    Central - Monopolyman - Monopolyman - Not sure about character ID
  2. Central - Monopolyman - Monopolyman - Not sure about character ID and dont feel like checking right now :). always playing marine arena and love it.
  3. eastern - Raembo - vVvRaembo - 895
    watching replays and vods and get high as a kite is the best. [stoned][stoned] [stoned]
  4. network <dunno my char code, on my phone atm>. I'll add it later

    high platinum player for season 3 so far, Zerg. hoping to hit masters in the future, I have a long way to go though. I need a new computer...I play on the lowest settings and get 15-30fps. 200/200 fights in 1v1 is horrible lol. LAGTASTIC.

    I've yet to play blitzed too, maybe I'll play better.

    Last season I was high silver / mid gold...and playing Protoss. Zerg feels more comfortable for me and is flowy and easy to manage expansions with vs other races.
  5. haha nice.
    I just found a starcraft group in this forum, you guys should join :)

  6. Pacific-Hopglock-HopglocK-371
    top gold league, currently in bronze due to playing placements while I was too baked.

  7. Updated list, added a link from your info to your specific post, figure it might help people sort through this if it ever gets humongous.

    I haven't been playing SC2 very much the past week, been whoring out Black Ops. At the moment I'm 4 and 0 in bronze league. I was placed in there almost a year ago, and lost quite a bit. But watching fuckloads of Day[9] tutorial's and newbie Tuesdays, I'm just stomping Bronze players into the ground through excessive macro. Not even good macro, I still float and once I micro I lose all sense of what to do, floating over 2-3k easily. However Bronze player's cannot handle Siege Tanks and Marines as early as I can get em. :smoking:

    I really, really love fast siege tanks. It's really cool with all the building and tech switching. I know this is going to be my default playstyle, mixing in hellion harass as I get better control.
  8. day[9] is the best.
    especially the videos about the mechanics, I think there are 3 videos of that.
    I sky rocketed from silver to plat just coz of that video :)
    I'm a zerg, and I HATE siege tanks + marine medivac + thor combos. =/
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    double post
  10. I love Day[9], he's fucking incredible. I definitely prefer the dailies over his shoutcasts though, half the time I don't even recognize him until they're like "So Day9 blah blah blah", "oh yeah Husky?". And it's like, wow, those two do not sound like they do on their youtube channel. Very generic announcer voice with only subtle hints at their actual voice.

    And while I'm gushing over another man, I must say he has a terrific smile. I've been practicing it myself, I just feel happy when I smile like he does. You can't feel negative emotions if you can smile like that.

    P.S. I hope this makes sense, I've typed it twice and it still seems like my grammar and it's flow are off.
  11. Pacific / Jah Mason / Mazzmac / I believe it's 198.

    Hit me up; love playing anything from 2v2 to customs.

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