Active carbon filters. Can anyone tell me the best way to use the carbon in these?

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  1. Active carbon filters/ adapters. Can anyone tell me the best way to use the active carbon in these things? Some people have told me to run water trough them first, is this right? I have tried washing the carbon and not other than fizzing I can't really tell, I am using a McFinn 18mm Ultra and it uses ALOT of carbon:) really cool though thanks GG
  2. whats the whole active part?????
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    They treat it with oxygen to increase the surface area GG
  4. Yes, run it through water until no more or very little dust comes off (black water). Let it dry then keep it in a clean sealed container..
  5. yup, be sure to RINSE and DRY it thoroughly! It doesnt filter so well when wet. and you dont want to inhale that black dust or get it in your bong so rinse well(bare in mind you wont be able to have the water run totally clear but do the best you can).
    and dont agitate it afterwards or it will make more dust
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    Cheers dude it fizzes when I do that at hen it never really dries cause it has some much room for water vapour. Can I rinse it out of the piece? Thanks again peace GG
  7. What? \\it fizzs when you do what? please be more specific and with questions too and maybe I can help.
  8. Sorry man! :) the carbon fizzes when you pass the water over it (presumably co2) GG
  9. I have activated carbon disc. I've herd that on the carbonite bongs that if the activated carbon wont let smoke threw it if it gets wet with water... Is that true?

    I just run alcohol threw it and then let it sit out.

    Bad thing is my dumb friend drooled on top of my carbon filter and now i have a dot on the carbon filter... its real annoying
  10. I don't know about not letting smoke through, common sense tells me it would be fine unless the water on the carbon stones acted like a seal and the filter would thus be sort of 'clogged.' I think the bigger issue with wet carbon is that the water coats and is absorbed by the carbon, and as a result the carbon can't absorb and filter out any of that nasty stuff it's supposed to.
  11. It must be COMPLETELY dried before you can use it, after rinsing that is.

    NEVER use any alcohol or anything on the carbon! very dangerous! straight clean water only
  12. I run wet carbon in my adapter all the time. I have experienced no issues with the method of simply rinsing off the carbon before I use it. I bought an expensive ($10 for 9 oz) name brand carbon (Fritz) so I also dont rinse it for very long since it produces almost no dust in the water when I rinse it. I have used carbon both wet and dry in my adapter and have not noticed a difference between the two. Both produce the same milky white smoke and both keep any component underneath the adapter very clean. If water prevented the carbon from doing its job, I would expect to see a change in the smoke and a considerable increase in the resin on my downstem and in the bong chamber. Also, I'm not sure if this applies in this situation, but since this carbon is used in filters for fish tanks it seems to me that it should have no problem filtering when wet.
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    I have had pretty much the same experience. Thanks everyone for the info IMHO these things fucking rock I have one for all my pieces! GG

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