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Active Camo

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by KillerGenius, Feb 11, 2007.

  1. This thread is dedicated to camo. I'll make it easy for you.
    There are numerous ways to camo your plants. You can actually bend your plant to make it look like something other than MJ which is one of the best ways. Another is actually selecting an area where there would be a lot of close vegetation. Very practical. Now the number one problem w/ outdoor groweres is they want to plant in pots, naturally, that is very hard to keep concealed. How could you camoflouge a pot filled with dirt and a 5 footer poking out of it? Spray paint would be a great alternative. If you place the pot next to a stump then you have one side of the pot completely covered, and the other three sides can be covered with limbs and vegetation.

    now some groweres don't want their plots to be found by animals....
    This is simply avoided. Bugs are the easiest to get rid of. If you got aphids take a pair of gloves and go to your plant. Now that you're at your plant every bug you spot pinch 'em till they explode and bug guts go everywhere. They will eventually leave your plant.

    Slugs, apparently are a problem. Do the same to the slugs except if theres three slugs, kill two and spare one. The spared slug will thank you by leaving your plant alone, if he doesn't and he invites some of his buddies kill them too. Do the same with grasshoppers. Just leave a dead grasshopper hanging on your plant as a warning.

    Deer is a major problem in most areas of the country. They can smell anything especially 50 yards away. So be precautios on what you wear, pet hair will stick to your hats, shoes, and your shirt don't take any risks period. Cologne is a smell that deer aren't familiar with. If you smell good they may have the common courtesy to leave your plant alone. If they see you, you might as well be screwed.
    Put your newborn plants inside a small pot. Get something to stand on and drive a nail into a tree about 8 feet from the base. Hang the pot from the nail and you're good to go. I've never done this but it looks good on paper... haha.:D oh yeah maybe wrap some tree bark around your pot and secure it with some crazy glue.

    Camo is great because from far away you can't see it, not even if you strain your eyes.

    Anyone got any better ideas? I try to keep plot security close in mind so I don't forget it.

    IF you got problems with deer or coons or any other animals, I got one thing to say to you... you're an animal so start thinking like one.
  2. BTW I just started my grow for this year, I hope I reach my 6 foot goal.
  3. I like to pee around NOT ON my plants.
    That will keep the deer away until it rains.

  4. I like to pee around NOT ON my plants.
    That will keep the deer away until it rains.

  5. Moth balls in and around the grow area worked well for me this year, didnt lose a single leaf from animals. This might bug you hippies out thre but i use slug bait under rocks and logs around my grow, only after finding alot of slugs on my stems and fan leaves and it worked amazingly.
  6. for slugs, I always use stale beer in plates or shallow bowls ...they are attracted to it not the plant

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