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Activating THC in oil?

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by peacelovep0t, Jan 2, 2013.

  1. that was one batch, and the second and third were frozen.

    what do you mean, purge?
  2. Sorry purge is more of a BHO term. I just meant evaporation of the solvent. I think the 16 hours at 160F is what caused it. If you can take 16 hours to evaporate then you might as well just cover it with cheese cloth or something and run a couple fans on it no heat.
  3. ok, so can i save the batch, and how hot next time. doesnt explain the smaller batches tho
  4. Some people stay around 80 degrees to 100 degrees maybe a little higher for dabs. That way you keep some of the terpenes that were extracted. Obviously 80 degrees would be trying to perserve the flavor profile of the flower. It's almost like leaving it outside to naturally evaporate.

    You can try that, my other question would be, did you use a new dish or clean the one you had before you put the 2nd and 3rd batches in it to evaporate? Maybe you contaminated them from the 5oz run. What color is your solvent after the washes?
  5. ofcoarse i cleaned everything. i noticed when i was heating a plate with oil to loosen it up, it seperated into a gold liquid and a black substance that eventualy almost all boiled off. are either of these what i want. i know most ive seen is gold, dont know why mine is black
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    Sounds like a ton of plant waxes and chlorophyll left in the mixture due to leaving it to soak in the solvent too long. 30 second wash should not produce a black substance. Honestly I wish I could watch you do the whole process. There has got to be something going wrong. This doesn't seem right.

  7. If its just bud or keif or hash or whatever then no a sealed jar is safe, just when the jars really hot or cold dont change temperatures to fast, like let the jar cool down after removing from the oven before you freeze it so the jar doesn't crack.
  8. If theres alcohol then never use a sealed jar for heating
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  9. have you made oils often? they turn out good? if so and u have time, copy me ur recipe/method. i will do exactly as said. ?c if it works out? lol
  10. Yes I do.
    You are trying to make oil for edibles correct?
  11. What proof was your Everclear? The separation is indicative of 151 which takes an extra step. The black glob is your cannabis oil. :)
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  12. i need both, i know that edibles often have oil like coco in it which u cant smoke, so i will need both.
  13. lol, i thought the black was junk and the oil was the gold. why is all the stuff i see on internet gold? anyway, yes it was 151 proof. whats the extra step. if the black is the good stuff, then i got about an ounce. but its not any good, atleast for smoke. can i make it good?
  14. basically i need a way to get my flowers more potent (pure). now, i am taking 2 or e hits off a bowl every couple hours. this wont work. i need 2 meds. one that will help with pain and anxiety but allow for me to go do the things i need to. i have 6 kids and disabled. cannabis is the only thing that lets me live. besides narcotics and all the lovely sideeffects. hate that crap. anyway, another that helps with pain and sleep. smoking before bed is fine for now, so both will be great.
  15. That BKS guide wasn't a lot of help, was it? Let's see if we can get you going with this.

    151 will make good products but it takes a little extra work. The reason that it separates into that gold liquid and the black goo is because when heated the alcohol evaporates out of the 151 long before the remaining water in the solution does. 151 is 20% more water than 190. As the alcohol evaporates it leaves the cannabis oil that was dissolved into it and you see that first as the solution gets cloudy then it will clear to the gold liquid and the black globs start showing up. It's the globs that are your goodies.

    That liquid still contains cannabinoids in suspension though it's mainly water. You don't want to filter it or anything at this point. Just keep evaporating the liquid until it's all gone and just the black gooey oil is on the bottom. That is your cannabis oil. You can smoke it if you want but it will be a bit harsh. It's good on rolling papers. You can add coconut/MCT or any other oil to it to dissolve it for caps or edibles.

    So what do you have? Is everything still in liquid form? By the way, if you'd like a lot more input and attention then I suggest that you carry this over to my thread, Another Tincture Thread - Try it, Youll like it. We have lots of folks who have gone through what you are now. Many of us have been able to let go of the narcotics so we have a lot of experience. Post anywhere there and I'll see it.

    You may want to consider a daytime strain, like a Sativa, and another for the evening and heavy pain. :)

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