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Activating THC in oil?

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by peacelovep0t, Jan 2, 2013.

  1. @Yoda2419
    Once submerged in oil things start to degrade faster then they decarb so it's a losing proposition at best. Chalk it up to experience and you'll know better next time. My first few runs were sketchy at best but all worked to some degree. It was when I followed Kats directions exactly that I started getting scary strong oil and had to really take care with dosing or I'd be so fucked up I couldn't walk or talk.
  2. thank you BKS. i definatly undersyand more now. i do need to research more. i went into this just like i did growing, not enough research. anyway, last night i finshed off getting the solvent cooked out. so, is there anyway to increase potency or atleast not waste what i have. i did not decarb the flowers. funny all these videos and posts on the internet said nothing about doing it first. you are well known and thought of here, which makes me believe you have info that could help. i appreciate it:)
  3. I have made some strong oil decarbing at the last stage during the evaporation. Apparently you get a better conversion from THC-A to THC when you decarb the flowers first before anything. But live made 2 batches of RSO that were super super strong and I decarbed both batches at the end. The RSO was being purged sitting in a oil bath in a pyrex dish at 250-250 for 40 min. Worked well for me, I wish I could have had a sample tested.
  4. ok, good. so how do i do it, what kind of oil do i add per whatever of hash and will it be edible as well as smokable. please briefly explain ur process. im also concerned i burned it while cooking off solvent. cooked at about 160f till no more bubbles, got a very bad oder. is this right?
  5. Decarb first any material you intend to eat. 240 F for 40 minutes open air in oven. Longer if doing the glass jar to limit the stink.
    5 grams hash ( weed works just weaker)
    2.5 teaspoons coconut oil
    1/2 teaspoon lecithin
    Heat 220 F for 20 minutes.
    Hundreds of batches done
    Over 20,000 caps made and consumed.
    This is edible only as you shouldn't smoke and inhale cooking oil. Can cause Lipid Pneumonia.
  6. [​IMG]
    More pics
  7. awsome, that last part is good to
    can i use olive oil and is lecithin really needed? what does it do?
  8. which kind of lecithin? there are hundreds. also if i burned the oil in the first place, is it any good. how can i test. i dont have a rig and want to try it straight so as not to confuse effect with anything else.
  9. @Yoda2419
    Doesn't matter what lecithin. Soy or sunflower. Granules, powder, Liquid it all gets the job done.
    Don't think you really burned it it'll just be degraded and a super couch lock-sleep aid.
    Sample it. Eat some and hang on for the ride. Takes about 2 hours to fully kick in and can last 6-8 hours.
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  10. Can use any cooking oil. We use coconut for it's high MCT content and lack of any real taste.
    Olive is a strong tasting oil and I tend to let the caps dissolve in my mouth and that much olive oil is wicked strong tasting.
    The Lecithin double the effective strength. Makes better use of less material.
  11. ok, u guys r great. will let u know in a couple hours
  12. BKS, how do i find this info u have, or thread. im gonna start a new batch and would like to follow ur recipe, however, i want to make oil smokable and other oil for injesting. csn u help or direct?
  13. i cant find any threads that explain tecipe or making. just hundreds of questions which would take me days to piece together. somone put links to bsk thread, but cant find those. anyone direct me please

  14. Try googling bad kat smiles or bks canna farm and you should find her site i think? Theres tons of stuff on there, it may still say to decarb at only 220 degrees there? But if you want more thca converted to thc then I'd decarb at 240 uncovered for 40 minutes or if in a sealed jar you need to account for the jar itself and the air inside the jar heating up which can take longer then you'd think. But if you have an oven thermometer use it and monitor your ovens temperature, you can actually get to at least 250 degrees and your product will be fine! But 240 is likely suggested because ovens can fluctuate in temperature alot, I'm lucky mines pretty accurate but I'd use an oven thermometer and go with 240 in a sealed jar for at least 45-50 minutes up to an hour if you want to do it in a sealed jar. I've tried decarbing in a sealed jar very often but unfortunately it's illegal here and that means I cant lab test sealed jar decarbs, its only my personal opinion from trial and error and I've decarbed bud probably hundreds of times and I'm still no expert. but I have put a thermometer in a sealed jar and I need to do it again to verify results but if you do a sealed jar decarb you need either more time or a slightly higher temperature(if your able to accurately control it) to decarb the optimal amount of thc and all the other goodies.
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  15. Good luck getting a response from her. She's deserted her thread and left all the broken links making it nearly impossible to find anything unless intimately knowledgeable with the contents as am I. I'm adding the link for the instructions to the edible and smokeable "Medical Grade Concentrate". The post is really strung out because it has been through a few software changes without any efforts by the OP to fix it. Just read the whole thing, top to bottom (the post, that is). Here you go. It's on page 49 of the thread:
    BadKats CannaPharm: Medical Grade Oil, Cannabis Capsules, UV GLOWING Hash Candy, Canna Bombs more
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  16. is doing it in a seeled jar dangerous?
  17. 3 runs so far, very weak, very nasty tasting. now i dont care much about taste but need a high thc smokable. ive used everclear and 99%iso. some say u need to decarb, some say no. i did both. both turned out crap. im useing diesel grown by myself, covered in tryches. very good smoke, but cant seem to get a concentrate. used sift for kief on 2. trim on third. any ideas?
  18. How long are you doing your solvent wash and at what temp?
  19. batch 1: trim with bud, grain alcohol, wash 2 minutes in jar, strained 3 times through coffee filter, cooked at about 160f for 16 hours till alcohol was gone. this batch started at 5 ounces material. thats why long cook.
    batch2 and 3: diesel bud, screen sifted for kief,, batch 2 baked in oven for 30 minutes at 240f, washed with 99% isoproyl alcohol, quick wash (30 seconds at most), coffee filter 3x's, cooked at 160f for half hout till alcohol gone.
    batch 3 was same as 2 but did not decarb in oven.

    all 3 were a waste of material. i have plenty more but hope to get it right before i have none.

    my intent is to end up with a recipe for both smokable and edible/capsules that will have high thc content (daytime meds).
    please feel free to let me know what ive done wrong and/or how to do it right.

    thanks for the time:)
  20. #60 SadPuppy, Sep 21, 2017
    Last edited: Sep 21, 2017
    I would suggest doing smaller batches, maybe 14-28g or how ever much you can fit in a good sized mason jar. Freeze material first, and solvent, then do your washes. Try 10 second washes maybe 15. You can also do second run around the same time maybe longer and combine the 2 runs. Once you strain the plant material out I would put it back in the freezer to winterize for however long it takes for the solution to reach your freezer temp. Strain again in the freezer if possible to winterize and then purge. Should be fine. I think the large amount being washed all at once and the 16 hours at 160f is where it went awry.
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