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Activating thc in full melt and ice-o-lator help pls

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by paulo75, Jul 19, 2017.

  1. Hi all

    Noob alert!!

    im making some brownies cakes whatever, with 1g of barneys farm full melt and 1g of iceolator hash.

    my question is, how should i activate the thc?

    usually i use pollen hash, grate it up very fine then add it to 50g of butter and let it bubble very gently for 20 mins, then let it cool and use the butter as normal.

    how should i activate the thc in iceolator and full melt?

    thanks very much :)
  2. Decarb is just a chemical reaction, and it doesn't matter too much what form the herb is in, so if what you've been doing is working, then just keep doing it. If you want to decarb in air, then 240 F for 40 min works well, but use an oven thermometer.
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  3. thanks :)

    should i crumble the full melt or try to spread it as flat as possible on a baking tray?
  4. Doesn't matter a lot. The only important thing is that internal temps be the same as surface temps, so pencil eraser size pieces or smaller should be fine. Unless the decarbed herb will dissolve in warm oil, grinding is needed for better absorption.
  5. its hash mate not bud. i will try and spread it very thin on some foil, and crumble the iceolator.

    i will buy an oven thermostat and bake at 250f for 45 mins.

    should be some banging brownies :D
  6. You do want to fluff it up and spread it out as much as you can. I've found that 240°-250°F for 40 minutes works well so you should be in good shape. :)
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  7. tyvm
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