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  1. Any other fans out there? I usually like stuff like this, but his is so different from anything I've heard.

    [ame=]Action Bronson & Statik Selektah - "Cirque Du Soleil" (Directed By Rik Cordero) - YouTube[/ame] one of my favorites he has out...
  2. ive only heard that dr. lector tape and i wasnt feeling it at all.

    he's done some dope features though
  3. Yeah, I just got Dr. Lector today... Check out Well-Done, that's the first stuff I heard. He's on a lot of smooth beats that just go with his demeanor real well.
  4. i got his new album if anyone wants it i can PM the link
  5. White Rick Ross lol
  6. his flow and beats shit on rick ross any day.

    honestly he is hit or miss for me but rather listen to him than crap on the radio
    also most of his music sounds like freestyles and they're better than 90% of ppl's written verses today
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  7. I think he writes, but I think he free-writes. Which is dope.
  8. [ame=]GGN: Snoop Dogg & Action Bronson Talk Rap, Food, & More - YouTube[/ame]
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  9. i feel like such a failure for what i said before. bronson is mad dope way better than rick ross he can actually rap for one, i take back everything i said
  10. Best to infiltrate the game in while, I agree.
    And that fool is smoking like, nonstop. haha.
  11. He is definitely "smokin all day just like the brisket" lol.
  12. Bronsoneli is fire for real.
  13. im a fan

    lookin forward to rare chandeliers
  14. I got my hair like Mike Jack's glove, lungs filled with bud
    Gold bullets in the snub, old and Jewish on the rug
    Young and Spanish on my bits, quick to vanish on the pricks
    In the drop six cockpit, hammers getting lift

    pure fuckin fire
  15. Ghostface Flow

  16. It dropped.
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    liking this blue chip 2... he goes INNN on #5 "it concerns me" 
  18. "I'm not working for J-Roc, that's against my vice principals" 

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  20. Introducin, its Bronsolino, wit my hair slicked back, I look like Rick Pitino
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