Action Bronson & Friends Watch Ancient Aliens

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  1. Just get super high, and watch this. Trust me, your welcome.

    Who has the Answers?!!!

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    The Tyler episode wasnt as good as the first two or whatever...cause he's not chill like Bronson and Al. It got back to basics when they kicked him out of the room haha. Body was pretty silent til he got the boot...and he gave him that one word answer about the face tat. "Just a sword" haha

    The Earl & Q episodes had me consistently laughing, though. It gets funnier as it progresses and they get about halfway through those half ounce joints
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  3. Tyler looked like he was forced to do it. He just don't smoke weed so he's not that into it. Still thought it was hilarious though, the awkward silences are gold. That chick coming in on that robot is a trip too.

    Body don't believe in dinosaurs :laughing:
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    Haha the Robot with the girl is a trip and how Bronson handles it is even funnier. it should make for some more funny moments ahead

    My favorite thing though is how they've fucked with these random dudes who pop in around halftime with food or dabs or whatever. They must've put that one nut ass dude in the background like 10 times hitting that pink bong
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  5. This show is crazy.

    Riff Raff is for sure on some crazy drugs.

    Dude with the robot voice was tripping me out.
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  6. You makin a dish or somethin?
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  7. Shut the fuck up Body!!!!
  8. I love that show lol. The dinosaur one w/ all those sick glass pieces :geek:
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  9. Viceland is just a good channel, period. Whether it's online or on TV.
  10. Does anyone else like watching ancient aliens?

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